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Since Daniel Craig left the position with No Time to Die a year ago, the competition for the next James Bond job hasn’t heated up as much as we anticipated. However, Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have been unusually open about the kind of performer they want to play in the next James Bond. Idris Elba, a consistent front-runner, and Henry Cavill, who appears to have disqualified himself from any further consideration, may be disqualified as a result. The two have expressed a desire for the following Bond to be active for ten years, with Wilson mentioning a “thirtysomething” Bond.

With lots of time left, we’ve checked out the top candidates to step in for Daniel Craig in the renowned tuxedo. They range from more recognizable household names to those lesser-known individuals who may develop into favorites in the future, setting the betting odds for the next James Bond in a frenzy. Although now might be a great time to bet on the next Bond actor.

Meet the Potential top 10 Actors Who Could Be the Next 007

  • Tom Hardy

The British actor is one of the betting favorites to succeed Daniel Craig, though there’s a good reason for that. Hardy has demonstrated his acting prowess in films like The Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max: Fury Road, and he has undergone physical changes during his career that would make him a strong candidate for James Bond next actor. Hardy’s age could work against him, especially if the Bond filmmakers are planning. By the time filming begins, Hardy will be approaching 50. For someone with Hardy’s talents, it’s not a barrier, although the franchise might take a different, younger turn. 

  • Henry Cavill

Another well-known name and potential Bond candidate. Henry Cavill, won’t have much of a problem getting into a tux, as anyone who has seen him in The Man from UNCLE can attest. He has the charm and good looks to transition into the position seamlessly. Even Cavill tried out for the part before, losing to Craig in 2005 when he was only 22 years old. Nevertheless, Cavill has a lot of faults, none of which are his own. He is currently engrossed in the third season of The Witcher’s Netflix original series. It also works against him since the Bond producers typically don’t choose an actor with a lot of name recognition. 

  • Idris Elba

Idris Elba is rad. Did we also mention how awesome he is? He ought to be Bond based on that alone. Then you look at his body of work: Elba has demonstrated his extraordinary talents in high-profile blockbusters, intimate crime dramas, and so much more, from The Wire to Beasts of No Nation and beyond. Luther, a British series in which Elba plays a London investigator, presents the strongest argument for being the first Black actor to play James Bond. His presence is unrivaled, and Luther has faced off against a rogues’ gallery that wouldn’t be out of place in a 007 movie (often punch for punch).

  • Rege-Jean Page

Rege-Jean Page has rocketed to the top of many people’s next James Bond lists (including some bookies) thanks to his appearance as the Duke of Hastings in Netflix’s Bridgerton. He has established himself as a charming favorite and the most likely to make spectators feel a little hot under the collar.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pierce Brosnan, a previous Bond, said that Page would be a “great” replacement for Bond. Even if the Bond situation doesn’t work out, Page is working on another spy project. Ironically, The Saint, the programme that made Roger Moore famous before he moved on to the Bond franchise, is getting a revival.

  • Lashana Lynch

No Time to Die’s Lashana Lynch, who portrays the new 007 agent Nomi, has been mentioned in whispers as a potential replacement for the series’ current protagonist. Positive reviews of her portrayal in No Time To Die have been received, with reviewers praising her character’s straightforward demeanour and propensity for a quick one-liner. Lynch taking over as the main character would be a significant step forward and require viewers to reconsider how they view the franchise. They may begin to view it as a series with a new 007 instead of James Bond at its heart.

  • Cillian Murphy

A successful covert agent must be a master of all trades. Cillian Murphy excels when playing roles ranging from the dramatic protagonist in Peaky Blinders to a member of a horror ensemble in A Quiet Place Part 2. He frequently vanishes into his characters. And those are only his most recent endeavors. Murphy has the acting skills, the looks, the manner, the swagger, and pretty much everything else that’s ever been associated with the part, so it should be no surprise that he’s being considered to play James Bond. 

  • Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan would easily combine Daniel Craig’s softer sensibilities with the current muscular proclivities needed to be an all-out action hero, as anyone who has seen him in SAS: Red Notice or Outlander will know. More than other projects, Red Notice had the feel of a covert Bond audition, which Bond aced.

  • Richard Madden

Richard Madden matches the profile of the upcoming Bond: he is a recognizable actor but not a huge name, stoic when necessary, and always has a one-liner at the ready. The Bodyguard and Game of Thrones are both tremendously accomplished performances that should have producers examining Madden as a potential Bond. Madden has led and led brilliantly throughout his career. Madden, who is 36, is about the same age as Daniel Craig was when he was chosen to play 007, so the series would be in good hands going forward.

  • Dev Patel

Some of us may turn to dust at the prospect of a Bond born in the 1990s, but Dev Patel would be the perfect match. Although his younger age is a plus, his consistently better performances over the course of his very brief career set him apart from most other contenders. Patel’s status as a key figure in Hollywood has been solidified with The Green Knight.

  • James Norton

If you trust the oddsmakers, James Norton will eventually take over as the next James Bond. Though in many ways, his McMafia character Alex is Bond’s antithesis. They have a lot in common. Each is dominant in the space and projects a snarling exterior that can be pulled back at any time to reveal a more ruthless, egotistical side.

When Will They Reveal the Next Bond?

The otherwise nameless Bond 26 promises yet another upheaval, but all signs point to it still being a long time off. Producer of the long-running 007 series Barbara Broccoli stated that the studio was “re-inventing Bond” and that the next installment will probably not happen until 2024. (via Deadline). According to Broccoli, bond 26 won’t likely begin filming until the summer of 2024, which means it won’t be ready for distribution until sometime in 2025. It suggests that more information on Bond 26 may still be in the future because Broccoli thinks it will take some time to find a replacement and start shooting.


Unknown Facts About James Bond

  • Because James Bond is the least exciting name Ian Fleming could come up with, he is given that name.
  • An American was the first actor to portray the spy
  • A stuntman for Thunderball risked his life to get a hefty paycheck.
  • The womanizer Bond was a widower
  • A third Bond movie by Timothy Dalton was in the plans

How to Bet on Who the Next Bond Is Going to Be?

Discussions regarding Daniel Craig’s replacement in the popular franchise began even before “No Time to Die,” his final performance as James Bond, hit the big screen. Since Craig officially hung up his license to kill, Tom Hardy has been the betting favorite to take over the legendary role. Next 007 odds have been offered in some markets for years. That has since changed. The franchise may be looking to go even younger than those who currently top the board, as it has been reported that producers are seeking an actor in their 30s, perhaps in their early 30s, which would rule out Hardy and a host of other candidates from consideration. Hardy is no longer the betting favorite. So if you want to successfully bet on who will be the next James Bond, the first step is to gather statistics and odds for all the potential actors we have listed above. 

Bottom Line

If you are a movie geek, you cannot wait to find out who the next James Bond will be. While many potential replacements are floating around in Hollywood, it is hard to pinpoint the one. Although, it can be an excellent opportunity to start betting on the next 007. All you need to do is gather significant data about each actor, study the market odds, and you are good to go!


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