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Thor Director Teases Christian Bale’s Gorr The God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher. This character will make his debut in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder from Marvel Studios and director Taika Waititi. The character is well known by Thor comics fans and for good reason. Gorr The God Butcher is an incredible character that has a reputation for his horrific murders of Marvel deities. Equally as important as his exploits are the motivations behind his savagery.

“Gorr’s backstory involves being wronged by the gods,” Waititi reveals. “And a lot of his motivation is getting revenge for these wrongdoings… we really wanted to explore this idea of religion, belief, and what it means to put your faith in a higher power. And because Thor is essentially a god, what does it mean for him to represent these gods?”

“[Gorr is] not a straightforward villain… there’s a real complexity to him. It’s not black and white, what he’s doing. He has a truthful motivation, which I think makes for the most interesting kind of villain. You might not agree with how he’s going about it, but you understand why he’s been tipped over the edge and why he’s gone down this path. It’s a really challenging one for Thor, because the set of questions Gorr’s posing does hold some truth—but he can’t let Gorr destroy the universe in the process. That, I think, makes this a greater dynamic and not as predictable as the straightforward good gut vs. bad guy scenario we’ve seen before.” Hemsworth added.

Gorr is a complicated character who doesn’t seem like a natural fit for a comedic director. I’m excited to see how this character translates to film and to see Christian Bale‘s embodiment of the character. I am curious to see if this character is taken more seriously than Surtur or the World War Hulk storyline in Thor: Ragnarok.

I love that he’s saying the right things. I think it’s obvious that Taika Waititi’s read the source material. I’m cautiously optimistic and can’t wait to see what happens in the movie.

That’s all I have for this now.

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