Extraction 2 Ending Explained: Netflix’s First Action Franchise?


Netflix original movies are kind of hit-and-miss, both with audiences and critics. But with the Extraction 2 ending, the streamer may have its first-ever action franchise. The larger-than-life, heart-pounding action movie that was Extraction just got bigger and bolder with Extraction 2. And while both movies are pretty simple in terms of story, the massively innovative action sequences are just breathtaking and supremely exciting. And it seems like Netflix may potentially have a franchise on their hands, especially after that Extraction 2 ending.

Please note that the following will feature spoilers for Extraction 2, including its ending.

Netflix Has Tried Many Action Movies Before Extraction 2

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Being the original streamer, Netflix has tried their hand at many action movies with big names, in hopes of launching their own action movie franchise. But sadly, none have taken off or even resonated with audiences beyond the opening weekend. Netflix’s original series is a laundry list of hugely hit shows like Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Black Mirror, The Witcher, The Crown, and countless others. But when it comes to movies, it’s a different matter entirely.

Not all movies though. Netflix has found a lot of success with family-friendly, or romantic comedies like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Kissing Booth, The Princess Switch, The Christmas Chronicles and many more. But that high-profile action franchise with big stars has always seemingly been out of reach.

Netflix’s Long List Of Failed Action Movies

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As we’re currently seeing the streaming wars winding down, a large part of it was due to how Netflix just threw money at its original movies with big stars, in hopes of a franchise. And they’ve done this too many times to count. The first of their action franchise dreams was Bright, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. The movie promised a sprawling new world that blended fantasy and an alternate Earth with magic and fairies and ogres. But it’s been 6 years and we’re still waiting on that sequel.

Other recent attempts were the expensive but cheap-looking The Gray Man with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, and the massively disappointing Red Notice with The Rock, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. But it’s been happening for years with Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds’ 6 Underground, Project Power with Jamie Foxx, the star-studded Triple Frontier, Spenser Confidential with Mark Wahlberg, and so on. Many attempts with many big-name action stars, and many critically panned movies. But maybe the Extraction 2 ending changes all of that.

How The Extraction 2 Ending Sets Up A Franchise

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Extraction 2 begins with a resurrected Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) in bad shape after the events from the last movie. Beaten and battered, he is set to retire, until a visit from a mysterious man. The man is Idris Elba as a suave but unknown character there to offer Tyler a mission to save his former sister-in-law. The casting of Elba actually reunited Elba and Hemsworth since their time together in the Thor franchise as Heimdall and Thor respectively.

The man doesn’t give any answers as to who sent him or what he does, at least not until the end. After the events of the sequel, the Extraction 2 ending sees Tyler and his friend captured in a prison, only to be rescued by Elba’s character. Upon their release, Elba offers Tyler a job working for his mysterious boss. The movie ends on a hopeful and adventurous note implying that Rake joins Elba’s character and takes him up on his offer. It’s the perfect setup for a sequel.

Does The Ending Guarantee A Sequel?

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Currently, Extraction 2 is sitting at 76% on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience rating of 89%, which is both considerably higher than its predecessor in 2020. So if the reception of the first resulted in a sequel, then this almost entirely guarantees a third film in the Extraction franchise. Especially given that Extraction 2 ending, which was clearly made by director Sam Hargrave with a sequel in mind. Hargrave’s immersive action choreography and directing style really makes Extraction 2 stand out, despite a flimsy story and some middling performances. The action sequences, cinematography and its larger than life vibe really make it stand out amongst other action movies. It’s almost a more brutal and blunter John Wick franchise. And it definitely feels like Netflix may have its first action franchise.

Extraction 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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