Jon Favreau and David Fincher want ‘Star Wars’


With “Star Wars” being a franchise that everyone wants their hands on, there are many looking to involve theirselves in the next installment. Recently both Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and David Fincher (The Social Network) have expressed interest in sitting in the director’s chair.


Favreau previously expressed interest in the job but hasn’t outright said he’s gunning for it, and Fincher’s involvement might be simply wishful thinking due to his involvement with Return of the Jedi as an assistant camera man.



Maybe it’s the “Star Wars” purist inside of me, but I don’t think either is right for the job. I respect them both as directors but I just can’t see their names attached to the franchise. David Fincher is amazing but his films tend to have a recurring dark and ominous backdrop with a continual use of sepia tones. This would be applicable at times in “Star Wars” but not throughout the entire film. I will say that Fincher always manages to capture who his characters really are and from that aspect, he could really move the “Star Wars” forward in character development.


Favreau has worked on a variety of projects while sitting in the director’s chair. He’s directed comedies, action films, and even TV series. I love the action shots in his movies, especially in “Iron Man,” but films like “Cowboys & Aliens” make me worry. I think that he could definitely capture some epic lightsaber battles on camera but the rest is what makes me skeptical.


I honestly think that if you combined both Favreau and Fincher, then that would be a great director for the franchise. Having Fincher’s attention to character development and Favreau’s vibrantly colorful action shots would make a great recipe for success. Maybe it’s just the hardcore fan in me that makes me more skeptical and want the impossible (such as a director that doesn’t exist), but the redemption of the “Star Wars” franchise is on the line and there needs to be thought put into this decision. I just ask that they select a director that is enough of a fan to respect and honor the franchise and then move from there on their credentials.

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