Matt Damon in talks for Elysium

With Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 making such an impressive show for a virtual unknown (all we really knew was that he was a good effects artist and Peter Jackson thought he was good) I kind of expected this guy to blow up into the next big name churning out movie after movie.

But it seems a year and a half later we are only getting news about his next project starting up, that is still waiting for final financial backing. So far we have a title, Elysium, and District 9 star Sharto Copley attached. And now perhaps Matt Damon?

MovieWeb shares:

Actor Matt Damon is in early talks for a role in Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi thriller Elysium, according to Deadline.

Neill Blomkamp will direct from his own script. Although little is known about the plot, Elysium is said to be set on a distant planet in the future and will feature the same type of social commentary found in Blomkamp’s District 9.

Its hard to say whether I would want to see Matt Damon in a film like this when I don’t know what a “film like this” is going to be.

It could be very military and Avatar-ish with humans in the future on distant planets. It could be completely off the wall alien comedy. We don’t know for sure.

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3 thoughts on “Matt Damon in talks for Elysium

  1. I still love Shyamalan! I thought District 9 was amazing…not enough to start a raving mob and beat down the doors of the hall of fame and induct it but it was a really cool movie. Rod’s right…Blomkamp needs a few more films to his name before I would even begin to call him the man.

  2. “Its hard to say whether I would want to see Matt Damon in a film like this when I don’t know what a “film like this” is going to be.”


    Never mind Matt Damon altogether and put good faith in the hands of Blomkamp who is cinematically envisioning new, enticing and outright sick takes on science fiction. Hopefully its going to be the ‘type of film’, like District 9, that will attract the right hype too audiences from actors to investors and us.

    Blomkamp deserves the hype!
    Bourne’s the sh*******t in my book, Damon would kill it…. ain’t no way I’m disagreeing with you on that Rod.
    Just wreckon he should be privileged to be on the next set and sick a to see him in a sci-fi pic.

    cheers for the 38 seconds..

    1. While I liked Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, I am not willing to call him “worth the hype” just yet.

      When he puts out 4-5 films that are all acclaimed, then we can talk.

      Remember, at one point people blindly followed Shyamalan.

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