Anne Hathaway is Barbarella?

Wild speculation from an unconfirmed source says that Anne Hathaway is now attached to star in the long struggling attempt to remake Barbarella.


Assuming there is even an inkling of truth to this rumor, Hathaway would undoubtedly tackle the role of the exquisite 41st century space agent Barbarella – a role made famous by former anti-war activist-turned aerobics instructor/writer/actress Jane Fonda back in 1968.

Now I am all for any role that has Hathaway dressing in skimpy futuristic lingerie space suits, so I hope there is something to this, but I doubt it.

The movie doesn’t have a director, and the director it did have was banging the star they had lined up. When the banging went south so did their involvement. Others have been teased to be attached but nothing solidified.

The original Barbarella was a hokey space adventure that bordered on sexploitation and instantly became a cult classic. I would like to see someone take a shot at remaking it, but I worry that it would be lost on the viewers if they try to make it as silly.

Trying to Picture Anne Hathaway in digs like this:

Its likely not true, but fun to think about.

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One thought on “Anne Hathaway is Barbarella?

  1. To many mile on the clock,but she will be able to get her kit off again, which she seems to consider the key to success at the moment. Pity she dose not rely on her talent and not her more visual assets. How often dose she expect the public to pay to see what they have seen before.

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