Lily Collins to Star in The Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Instruments book series was optioned for film a year and a half ago, and it wasn’t until this past summer that they greenlit the project.

Now the ball is really rolling as the New York Times Bestseller novels are getting their leading lady, Lily Collins!

Collider shares:

The publicist of Lily Collins (The Blind Side) has informed us that the actress is set to play Clary Fray in Scott Charles Stewart’s adaptation of Mortal Instruments. The film is based on City of Bones, the first book in Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series.

The book series was quite good and really ramps up the presence of an entirely magic world happening right under the nose of the real world people. There is inevitably going to be a comparison to the success of Harry Potter as studios are no doubt looking to fill that void with another franchise based on a popular teen occult book series.

The formula is similar, with Clary discovering a world of magic and a mystic heritage that was kept from her until she is older and events that reveal this hidden world thrust her into the forefront of a sweeping adventure.

As for Lily Collins in the role, having read the book I could really see this actress as what I saw in my mind’s eye for Clary, and while very minor in The Blind Side Collins looks like she can hold her own.

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8 thoughts on “Lily Collins to Star in The Mortal Instruments

  1. Shes a beautiful girl but is not right for the film shes obviously older than and 15 doesn’t fit the part at all. Horrible choice and Mortal Instruments is my favorite trilogy and whom ever came up with this actress is ruining what could be an excellent movie.

    1. the director chosen was also th edirector of priest i think so because hes worked with her she was given the part, shes a fan, and i hope its a really good franchise this is the first book series im actually bothered about the movie!

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