BREAKING NEWS: Elysium Viral Video Online

So today I got an email that just looked like the standard spam mail. It didn’t offer me a chance to make thousands working at home, finaincial windfall from an unclaimed bank account in Africa or try to sell me World of Warcraft Gold, and it surely wasn’t porn.

The email read as follows:

My name is Joseph Kulper, I work as a geneticist at Celtran
Corporation, one of the world’s leaders in bioengineering, and I’m
sending this message to you because I have discovered something very
important, something that has the potential to change everything we
know about human life. I’m not asking for anything from you, I don’t
want you to reply or click anywhere, alI I’m asking of you is that you
watch the video I have posted on youtube. Search under my name ‘joseph
kulper’ and you will find it. It’s for you that I’m posting this
video, for all of us, so please take just a moment to watch it.

Now on a whilm I decided to watch it, and it looks like some crackpot sharing some scientific theory and its quite boring. The only thing that kept me watching is that I was hoping these random flashes of black and white patterns on the screen would be explained.

I am glad I hung on, as it seems to be a viral video for Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium.

So it appears that Elysium will revolve itself around the idea that its not our pollution that is killing the environment, it is human presence alone – body heat, movement and overpopulation. Selective culling of the human race to eliminate those without the capacity for higher intellect will be carried out by this professor’s Virus called Elysium. And just for fun at the end of the video the scientist explains that those brief images you have seen were the psychosymetic virus, and you are now infected, and my thought patterns you will unwittingly expose others to the virus too.

The movie is said to take place in the future, and I suspect it will be presented in the same documentary style presentation.

It looks like we have our first peek into what Elysium will be about.

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15 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Elysium Viral Video Online

  1. The jury is still out, if this is another message movie, I’ll give myself the virus, it will have to be a larger dose then for the average person. Please quit making message movies. Human = bad, Nature = good.

  2. Ooooer, interesting marketing ploy.

    I loved District 9, so I’m really enthusiastic about this coming out.

    Now, to go give this virus to other people.

    *Manic laughter*

  3. I love this type of marketing. What a creepy way to introduce this movie. When the professor reveals that the viewer has now been infected with this deadly virus just by watching the video, I got chills.

    Well played, Mr. Blomkamp.

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