Return of the Jedi Lightsaber Scene Conspiracy Rages

That deleted scene in Return of the Jedi that was proposed to be put back in the movie has raised quite the stink yesterday and its still wafting around.

Seems that after word that the scene was filmed but never used someone asked Mark Hamill at ComicCon 2009 if he filmed such a scene and he stated that he didn’t recall filming that scene, throwing speculation that this is a NEW scene revealed yesterday was new, with a stunt actor in place shrouding his face to hide that its not Hamill.

He specifically says “I would remember if I shot a scene like that” and dismisses it as a rumour that got out of hand.

But wait. At Celebration V where they reveal the clip in question he suddenly changes his story and says “I didn’t remember, but once they showed me the clip I remembered” even joking about his cleft chin being visible under the hood.

Check out the whole interview on stage with Jon Stewart here:

Ok, keep in mind that this was almost 28 years ago that he would have shot these scenes. I think it is more likely that he DID forget that he did the scene. It was a short scene and likely wasn’t a lot of takes.

How many scenes did he participate in for this film alone? 28 years later is he going to recall all of them with clear detail? How many of them were left out? This is hardly the definitive proof that there is a conspiracy here.

I am settling on the side of “Hamill didn’t remember” instead of assuming they filmed a new scene, inserted it as a promotional extra footage and told everyone involved to lie about it.

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21 thoughts on “Return of the Jedi Lightsaber Scene Conspiracy Rages

  1. Didn’t Luke construct his second lightsaber in Ben Kenobi’s hovel, using blueprints found in the chest which contained Anakin’s lightsaber (hence the striking resemblance to Obi-Wan’s weapon)?

    If memory serves correctly, that’s what went down in the canonical “Shadows of the Empire” novel; set between the end of Empire and the beginning of Jedi…

  2. This “lost” scene ruins all of the suspense of the scene Rancor scene (since you understand why Luke has no Lightsaber), and while above the mighty Sarlacc.

  3. Just curious, why is this scene awesome? I mean, sure, it’s cool and all, but I am not getting *why* the scene is of any importance? Can someone provide some context?

    Best to all,

  4. I agree with a few of you…even if the scene was redone, if it was done well who cares.Everyone is going to watch it, dont lie…even you. Finally BLU RAY…Lucas has been doing what he does best all these years, keeping star wars alive (look at Clone wars)

    1. From what I’ve seen (starting with the “special edition”) Lucas is killing his franchise more and more. It’s gotten to the point where I wouldn’t be at all excited about the sequel trilogy (you know it’ll happen eventually). But to each their own.

  5. Im a big Star Wars fan since i remember, and i really dont care if this scene is a new one or an old one, i think it fits perfectly with the story… BUT… years ago, Lucas state that there were no more “deleted scenes”, just alternate and extended if so, thats why he clean and restore the master for the first release on vhs back in the 90’s.

    The problem here is that Lucas knows how to sell his “own stuff”, and im ok with that, but i feel like a fool everytime he brings more stuff and say that all that was already there… somewhere, buried in his mind or in his Arc at Skywalker Ranch… that’s crap !!!.

  6. James Earl Jones’ voice has deterierated some over the years. He sounded like crap in Revenge of the Sith so I am more inclined to think it is from the original Jedi because i don’t think they would make him re voice vader.

  7. For what it’s worth, this scene is in the novelization. I remember because when I read it, I thought how cool it would have been if this had only been included in the movie.

    1. Your point is a good one. Often novelizations are based on early drafts of a script (due to time constraints). Considering this, its very likely that the scene was shot and then didnt make the film’s final cut.

  8. Makes sense. It sounds like a quick pickup shot that they thought they needed but didn’t use. By the way, now that we know what this is, could I ask one thing?

    Keep it as a bonus scene and don’t put it back into the film. Do so, and it has to take place in the first few moments of the film. Richard Marquand was wise to leave it out. It would have ruined a surprise.

  9. I was at CV and saw this scene first hand on a huge screen in the theater with Lucas and Stewart and thousands of fans. It is clearly Mark and it is an awesome scene, but I understand why Lucas left it out.

  10. Regardless if it’s new or old…I don’t care…the scene is awesome…I’m glad we get to see it regardless…
    Bring more of them!!! who cares!

    Now, just for the sake of talking, if it is really a new one…and Lucas just tried to pass is up as LOST FOOTAGE…that’s really baaad jajajaja…

    and worse? people will buy this collection for the millionth time again….regardless


  11. In my opinion, every Star Wars Film needs a “lightsaber construction” scene and Lucas dropped the ball big time by not having one in the prequel trilogy.

  12. I think it’s a new scene.

    Just another example of George Lucas hanging on to his gloried past by releasing the same films over and over again with minor changes, and the fanboys will line up in droves to empty their pockets.

    I look forward to the 50th anniversary special editions where we’ll get “Look what we found after 40 years!” scenes, and bad CGI monsters inserted randomly into a film shot in the 70’s.

    Cool scene though, but I won’t be spending $100+ on the blu ray editions; I’ll check out the extra scenes on YouTube.

  13. agreed unlike other star wars fans i am fine with what lucas is doing with HIS WORK hey let me repeat that HIS WORK witch means HE is allowed to do with what he pleased with HIS WORK so even though some fans may not like what he is doing with HIS WORK they need to shut there mouths and not buy it if they dont like it

  14. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if it’s an old or new scene, Mark Hamil or not, it’s still a very sweet kick assery scene all the same, and one I hope to see intigrated into the movie in the future.

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