The Twins ARE in Transformers 3

Well it looks like Bay is up to his misinformation game again, and just yesterday we saw many reports quoting Michael Bay saying the annoying JarJar Twins wouldn’t be in Transformers 3.

Well it seems that this was only a partial truth, as the Twins do in fact appear to be on set in the form of matching Chevy Sparks with racing stripes to match their TF2 colours.

So they are in the movie, but not looking like they looked in TF2?

Maybe we can hold out hope that this retcon comes with a personality upgrade as well, and the pair will turn into capable agile warriors that work well as a team.

We can hope.

Thanks to Transformers Live Action Movie Blog for setting it straight.

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21 thoughts on “The Twins ARE in Transformers 3

    1. Everything in Transformers is more epic and detailed than that Gaiking teaser.

      Gaiking looked awesome, but the detail of it was nothing in comparison to the visual effects used in TF films.

  1. Since they combined to an ice cream truck in the last movie, maybe now they will both combine to be one big robot. The combined intelligence of these 2 robots will make this robot seem normal…

    1. Ok, after a little more research, Bay is saying the Revenge of the Fallen twins will not return. These are 2 totally new twin characters.

  2. WHY? you guys hate them so much yet they are pretty much spot on with how about 35% of america acts. I dont know where you live but these 2 bots are spot on for what i see at the mall here in california (Big & tall is located at the mall…thats where i shop get over it). Why is it when something is portrayed a certain way people cry rascism….i mean did any one see the movie Friday? Sure made the african american community look stupid as shit and it made them look like a bunch of bad parenting idiots, yet it was such a hit that it is looked at as a cult classic. Yet you throw in the same metality on a robot that does not drink or smoke and does not disrespect females and it becomes explotation for a race of people. As annoying as they where maybe people need to look and find the comedy in them because it seems kinda hipocrytical to hate on them but not the thousands of other stereotypical roles in movies through out the years

    1. most of our population listens to rap music and acts like mentally challenged individuals.

      that doesnt mean it deserves its spot in a transformers movie.

      Autobots have NOTHING to do with your 35% of america that act like ignorants. NOTHING. They are aliens from Cybertron.

      1. oh of course they are.

        but for an AUTOBOT to be unable to fucking READ there needs be some retardation and lack of inteligence in the audience if it should be at all accepted.

        Skids and Mudflap are a Reconnaisance soldier and a Scientist. Not a retard and a bigger retard.

        I mean, i get personality and character individuality.
        But golden teeth with that stupid ghettoh accent? on a supposedly highly advanced and intelligent alien species that has traveled thousands of light years in a mission to end their own civil war?


  3. My prediction: They either get reduced to more minor roles this time around….Or they get reduced to more minor roles and get killed off. After the severe backlash these two received, I don’t really see Micheal Bay wanting to use the Twins as much this time around.

    1. And the sad part is killing them off isn’t necessary. Like LAgirl says the writers could just say that they got some sort of upgrade that altered their personalities. Hell they could even say that they got injured and the damage caused their personalities to change (like how Bumble Bee can’t talk).

      The twins can certainly be funny without playing on stereotypes.

  4. They can just say they gave them an upgrade. Make them more civilized and then it’s fine if they are in the movie! They can be civilized and funny. I’ve seen it done before.

    1. Ok, i know that GM is a big sponsor of this franchise, but i dont want a 2 hour car commercial… AGAIN !!!, so, if they dont put Megan Fox in a Bikini this movie will bomb at the Box-office.

      1. yes because the first two movies that are “car commercials” were such a bomb at the box office.

        but on the twins, I did like them in the movie so if those are the twins I’m happy and also now they look like actual twins.

      2. People will still flock to see it. Megan Fox is not the reason transformers was a hit, look at how Jennifer’s Body did at the Box Office.

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