Pillars of the Earth Miniseries Trailer Online

In July the STARZ network will start running a mini-series based on KenFollett’s The Pillars of the Earth. This $40 million dollar, 8-partmini-series is produced by Ridley Scott and stars Donald Sutherland and IanMcShane. You can check out the trailer here:

Now this is how I wish they would handle something like Dark Tower or Dune. In an epic miniseries that looks this good.

Imagine it only cost them $40m to make an 8 part movie. Presumably 8 (16?) hours of footage and storyline to play out. And looks like decent actors too. Granted there doesn’t appear to be many special effects and no $20m players.

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6 thoughts on “Pillars of the Earth Miniseries Trailer Online

  1. I loved the book, it was absolutely amazing! I just couldn’t put it down. I hope the mini series be shown in India too. I watched the trailer online and can’t wait to watch the entire mini series.

  2. I have read this book, and after watching the first part of this miniseries, I was very disappointed. A lot of the important events that happened in the book, were very different than in the movie…. And honestly, that upsets me. There is no reason for it to be changed! The book was perfect, and even if you do need to shorten it, you don’t drastically change something that was important in the book!

    And another thing, is the characteristics of people in the book, compared to the characters in the series. Tom, described in the book was a big, muscular, older looking man. Not the smartest tool in the shed, but an excellent builder… If you watched the movie, then you can say it does not compare that well with each other…

    William was supposed to be a bigger guy as well. Not some sly kid. He was younger, yes, but In the book it seemed he was around 20 or so. More handsome as well. A good pick for his character, would be Bat Man from the Dark Knight.

    To conclude this comment, I was not happy about how the series came out.

  3. June 07 2010


    i think it’s cool but the series is short and waiting for the next book of it is longer. But i really like this movie that’s about to be aired on Starz this summer.Am wanting to see it but look’s short series and i really like the period of it. I wish starz would aired more movies like this on starz.Thanks Elizabeth

  4. looks cool if you are into that period. I will watch it because i really like what starz is doing these days. Looks fine just not my type of period piece.

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