Samuel L Jackson sets sights on The Fallen

Samuel L Jackson is one of those guys that people just like to see in movies. He has as many hits as he does misses, but still manages to come out smelling like roses. He falls in a very unique category as an actor.

On the horizon for Jackson is a pairing with new golfing buddy Brian Goodman. After the good reviews he got with What Doesn’t Kill You, Jackson is pairing up with Goodman in hopes of getting a greenlight on a firefighter drama.

MTVMovies Blog says:

Jackson is ready to take the plunge with Goodman on the rising director’s follow-up, “The Fallen,” a story which centers around a group of Boston firemen. Now all the talented duo (who admit to golfing together a few times a week) need is a greenlight.

“Yeah, we’ll see what happens with that,” Goodman said of the finished script, which he is currently deciding what to do with. “We are looking at that and we both would like to work together and we’ll see what happens.”

“The script is good and Brian’s a good guy,” Jackson added. “Hopefully, that film will come together and I’ll be able to do it.”

I always give at least half my attention to anything with Sam in it. But time will tell if this really grabs me.

I haven’t seen What Doesn’t Kill You, so I don’t know much about this first time director and writer. Buzz says its pretty good.

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4 thoughts on “Samuel L Jackson sets sights on The Fallen

  1. I saw what doesnt kill you. Its was great. what goodman was able to do with ruffalo was amazing. Jackson needs to work with a director like this. Goodman knows these street ala spike lee and Martin scorese. Great second film choice for goodman. this could be an oscar chance for Jackson, who hasn’t been great is Pulp Fiction

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