Robert Downey Jr says Avengers Will Suck if They Dont Get it Right

When Robert Downey Jr offers comments off the cuff, they flow like golden manna from heaven that geeks just live a lifetime to hear. An actor saying what we are all thinking. Seems Robert Downey Jr has offered up a gem of an observation about how critical it is to get the Avengers film “right”

MTVMovies Blog quotes:

“If we don’t get it right it’s really, really going to suck,” said Downey. “It has to be the crowning blow of Marvel’s best and brightest because it’s the hardest thing to get right. It’s tough to spin all the plates for one of these characters.”

I have said it before and I will say it again. Using A-List actors and writers on comic book movies is like finally treating a teenager like an adult. You treat them like an adult, and they will act like an adult.

For too long have Superhero films been discarded as secondary or fluff action films. Treat them like serious films, and you know what you get? A serious film.

RDJ hit it on the head. The job is a massive undertaking, and when casting the remaining Avengers for their films you have to consider how well they will work in the Avengers film. You can’t just cast some professional wrestler as Thor, or some CW pretty boy as Captain America. Because when time comes for the Avengers film, we are going to have them pairing up alongside Robert Downey Jr.

The example I always use in this kind of scenario is Street Fighter. The movie was horrible for a multitude of reasons but they cast Jean Claude Van Damme as Guile and everyone else were just no-name d-listers (at the time JCVD was A list for campy action) and the movie turned into a Jean Claude Van Damme movie instead of the Street Fighter movie.

I hope we get a pure ensemble that embodies Avengers, and not the Robert Downey Jr flick called Avengers.

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12 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr says Avengers Will Suck if They Dont Get it Right

  1. Petitions do nothing. Marvel listens to the market. Batman took things seriously, and they banked hard.

    They took Iron Man seriously, and it cashed in for them. I have no doubt they will do the same with future franchises.

  2. Get a petition going, make feelings clear to Marvel. Will they sit up and listen?

    Thing is more genuine A listers=$$$ and that means compromises somewhere down the line.

    This film could set a new gold standard if it is done right. Could give some lost faith back into the industry.

    Here’s quietly hoping.

  3. i think the only way cap will work on the big screen will be a combination of the ultimate universe cap and ed brubakers cap…..the ultimate cap was a true fish outta water kinda thing and brubakers dealt with this american icon in a changing america…..

    if the can get who cap is and what we stands for and capture the essence of cap i feel the rest will fall into place….find someone who can be a great cap and a great steve rogers….like downey and tony stark, i can see brad pit or daniel craig….jesse james showed me how methodical pitt can play a quiet but strong character…

    my dream is an eventual civil war movie with downey as tony and pitt as cap….damn that would be brilliant

  4. To use a stallonism example, Rambo had Stallone lead some no name actor mercernaries, and was the clear lead, whereas the Expendables will be an ensemble of (almost) equally loved actors. The Avengers needs to be more like the latter.

  5. You would think Dragonslayer… but I think the point is that if they just try to fart out this film thinking people will line up for it anyways… they will be disappointed, and like RDJ says, it is the crowing glory for this studio and their property. Not even XMen is at this scale.

  6. While I’m in no way defending ‘Street Fighter’ (which, I conclude killed Van Damme’s theatrical career) not everyone in that lame film were “no-name d-listers”. Just miscast, underused and just wound up being in a crapfest. You forget, it was sadly the last role for Raul Juila, who (and no offense to people) probably took the part because few would hire him because he was ill. Wes Studi, a fine character actor, was also in that film. So was Ming-Na from ER….but then again, I regarded those actors to be more like glorified cameos, get in, get the hell out.


    Now for the Avengers.

    “Getting it right” does not mean getting “A list” actors. In the case of Cap it might even work out better if it was cast with a new face and/or up and coming actor. Of the bunch, Cap will be the most tricky- we can buy a guy in a suit of armor, a guy turning green, maybe a dude looking like a Viking. Pym with a radio helmet and his “Pym” jacket…
    and Sam Jackson as Fury we could accept. Cap would be an odd man out, his leadership questioned, new time era and, as the events of Incred Hulk suggest, the Super Soldier serum isn’t what it used to be-replicating it has failed. Is Cap himself going to be (thought of) a loose cannon? Could they trust him?

    The question is who is cast; it should be who directs.

  7. I’m glad RDJ has been so vocal about this universe, Bale is really the only other actor to make big statements like this (refusing to star in a movie with Robin) that are ultimately about making sure the films continue to be as good as they can be.
    I hope that future casting decisions reflect the talent and passion that these two have, not just about the integrity of the film, but of acting in general.

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