Tim Blake Nelson to be the Leader in Hulk Sequel?

Looks like Tim Blake Nelson’s character in the Hulk was not just any old Doctor with a made up name. That name was Dr Samuel Sterns. Avid comic book readers would pick up this little tidbit as the name that the longtime Hulk Nemesis The Leader. Sounds like The Leader is precisely where they were headed when they gave the role to Mr Nelson.

ComingSoon.net quotes Nelson

That’s the plan. That’s what they tell me, but I don’t know when that’s happening or what the details are but I am eager to do it and I hear that’s in the works. I would tell you if I knew more, but I honestly don’t.

I was never a fan of The Leader as a nemesis for the Hulk. He is a diminutive little man with a ridiculous oversize cranium dome, and of course he is green. Sacrificing brawn for brains, he creates a legion of plastic humanoids that are all super strong and mostly invulnerable. Kind of a dumb villain and not something that should rank as “nemesis”

However, for a movie? Seeing the Hulk wade through hundreds of indestructible plastic men or a variety of robots would be a visual treat for certain. They would just keep coming, and he would keep smashing. Effects extravaganza!!

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20 thoughts on “Tim Blake Nelson to be the Leader in Hulk Sequel?

  1. rodney
    youre right..but im shitless scared that theyll make him look LAME. youre totally right the dude can do some shit but if they make him look lame then…ugh…same with the mandarin

    when reading the comic books, i felt like i was 3 years old because the leader is such a cliche bad guy…in the real world a bad guy for the hulk would be someone like abomination.

    the only way id like to see the mandarin on screen is the way you explained him once, because you left out the purple cape and gay accesories…lets hope thats the way it goes.

    and the leader….i like the hulk like creatures BUT i would much rather have him be the leader of the riot squad…thats the only way id dig him in the big screen…cuz that means that hell be with hotshot, the rock guy, that huge beast looking guy, the one with the metal suit and the other guy (i dont know thair names) i mean that would be BADASS

    i also mentioned in this site many times how much id love to have cobalt man as a villain…have 3 villains! cobalt man, radioactive man and hyde! oh FUCK yes! and have the leader be the leader of them all…thats perfect. maybe even throw in hotshot in the picture. and leave them alive for the avengers movie

    wheres MY 50 mil???

  2. The only problem with Mr Hyde is that he’s nowhere close to being in the same power level of the Hulk. Hulk VS Hyde = no contest. The Leader’s mind to the Hulks strength is very much like the Joker’s madness to Batman’s total self control.

  3. @Hazmat “whats the leader going to do dude?
    hyde can always grab a tank and tear it in half and sadamize the hulk with it”

    Well the Leader can command his legion of Hulk like atomatons to pick up a thousand cars and get in line to sodomize him repeatedly.

    And Mandarin has the longest standing grudge against Ironman AND Tony Stark. He attacks him directly as his villain identity, while he also competes agressively with Stark Enterprises in the board room. Great story telling.

    Just sayin.

  4. And, let us all not forget that Stern had access to unlimited amounts of Hulk-creating blood. I can’t wait to see what an evil Genius like the Leader can do with a potential army of Hulk-like creatures.

  5. lmao
    whats the leader going to do dude?
    hyde can always grab a tank and tear it in half and sadamize the hulk with it. radioactive man happens to be an amazing character…just because theyre not the main villains doesnt mean they suck. the mandarin is the main villain in ironman, the mandarin is NOT the best villain in ironmans comix
    same with the green goblin, hes the main villain for spiderman but hes not the best villain

    well, thats my opinion at least…i would just prefer watching a movie with a good villain that could break the hulk in half then…the leader

  6. THE LEADER WAS SICK IN THE MORE MODERN COMICS….i dont know what the hell you clowns been reading or if u just go to wikipidea to look up names but do some research…..the leader is a awesome foe for hulk cause he opts not to battle him 1 on 1 and it leads to a phsycho hulk,,,which is cooler then shit…..i mean dam why dont we make him a pussy and color him grey…through hugh jackman in it and be happy…..i mean come on the guy was awesome as the doctor in part 1 i can totally see him rocking the leader. ps RULK WTF get a clue.

  7. Well,if we don’t get Leader… instead of Red Hulk…


    Well, I would have liked to say Zzzax, but the Ang Lee film—Bruce’s dad was a combo of Zzzax and The Absorbing Man.

    The Hulkbusters …I suppose that could be possible…

  8. the leaders going to be in it!!?? why?? i wanted fucking hyde!!!


    well that means that his little group of bad guys will also be in the avengers…i mean theyre also avengers villains so im guessing thats why they did it

    and the leader guy is SOOO WACK

    i hate him n=more then the mandarin. please pick up a hulk comic book and LOOK at the guy. SO lame

    i wanted radioactive man and dr hyde

  9. Norton was great and I love his work but I don’t think he is a deal breaker. He only plays Banner, the CGI Hulk is the same no matter who plays him and thats who you go to see.

    If they get a quality dramatic actor to capture Banner’s empathy and guilt, that is all that matters to me.

    Also… I got to meet the Hulk when they were filming here in Hamilton Ontario… however on set he really just consists of a metal frame on a backpack with some dayglow green tennis balls. lol

  10. Rulk is pretty lame. I just can’t see them attempting to continue the franchise with a blatant knockoff with the only saving grace to its continuing storyline is that people dont know who he is.

    There are some plotpoints that will have to be navigated to bring Leader as a foe for another movie. Maybe there will be hints in Avengers about it that will wrap the storyline around.

  11. I have to agree with J’onn regarding Lizard/ But it’s not like they hadn’t tried; and now that we seen a hint of the Lizard expieriments in Spidey 3 (a background shot of a glass cage) there is talk about Lizard being in 4. We shall see. However we were set up for The Leader in Inced. Hulk, and I have to strongly disagree with Rodney here. Consider what would happen if The Leader looked more like…well, like he looked like in later years, more “brain” and HR Gieger Alien-like (claws; body);

    That said
    Given the storyline in the film, “Leader” isn’t really 100% needed. Why? After Blonsky-Abomination left him, wouldn’t Sterns be in the custody/watchful eye of SHIELD? Will he be “studied”? (Even if he did get away, he has a lot of leftover from his lab) I don’t want him looking like a Korloff Frankenstien all that much either.

    And I’d rather have Rulk/Red Hulk.

  12. @M@TT
    Thar’s not really the same though, Doctor Connors was in the films sure, but there was no mention of lizard experiments or anything. We SEE Stern become the Leader in Hulk, and therefore far more reasonable to expect him to be the next villain, plus who the hell else would they use?
    The fact that there is still no talk about a Hulk sequel is a bit distressing.

  13. Exactly Rodney. Everyone thought The Lizard was going to be in Spider-Man 2, after he was mentioned by Peter Parker in the first film, and then he had a bigger role in Spidey 2 so he had to be the main villian in the 3rd fim, right?

    Just sayin.

  14. @J’onn… I knew who he was, but I wasnt going to make the leap that they would make him the next villain. Most of these movies have minor characters who become someone later in the roster.. but it doesnt mean they will go that way.

    Its still not confirmed. It was “the plan” but the script isn’t written yet. Could happen. Tim is up for it. But its not confirmed yet.

  15. This isn’t really news, anyone who say the film knew he was going to be in the 2nd (of course no one was sure there would be a 2nd). And anyone with general comic knowledge knew who he was, but its good to see this all being confirmed.
    I really just hope that they cut out all the silliness from the Stern character, if they don’t it’s just going to be a huge campfest.

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