No Heroics

I caught this trailer online for a new “Britcom” series coming out that kind of reminds me of the live action Tick show combined with Friends and some british accents with a side order of MysteryMen. Just a bunch of superheroes hanging out off duty – at a pub for off duty superheroes.

Tiger Aspect, the same studio that brought us Mr Bean, The Catherine Tate Show (Do I look Bovvered?) BBC’s Robin Hood and Secret Diary of a Call Girl brings us No Heroics this fall.

My fav is Timebomb.

I’m going to stalk this show like that girl who said no to me at prom.

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7 thoughts on “No Heroics

  1. I’m kinda skeptical as it’s being shown on ITV here in the UK and ITV hasn’t produced anything worth watching in a looooong time imo, although i’ve got my fingers crossed this works.

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