The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded August 27th 2008

Hey there folks! For your viewing and listening enjoyment The Movie Blog: Uncut is very pleased to once again be joined by the writers and directors of “Crank”, the upcoming “Crank 2” as well as the upcoming new Gerard Butler movie “Game”, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. It’s always… ummm… interesting when these guys are on. This episode was originally recorded on Wednesday August 27th 2008.

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9 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded August 27th 2008

  1. Didn’t like this episode very much. They just talked about how everything they do is awesome and gay. Now I do appreciate good humor and gay jokes but this was just so overblown. Instead of really good and insighful answers they blocked everthing with the word “gay”. To tell the truth, it was pretty boring and frustrating. Sorry guys.

  2. after the fifth Homophobic joke it was funny or was funny, just wrong and the Usan Blot comment was a little racist to ask in a jamican accent.

    should of said somthing about it or try to stop them.

  3. Hey, guys! Keep it up. Glad your mp3s are tagged now, but I hope you can make the video downloadable in iPod format. I have to go to the site to be able to download your video — I hope there was a feed for the video. Thanks!

  4. It was a good show but I felt like I was in middle school with all the “gay” jokes. Maybe someone should inform him that they aren’t that funny anymore.


    Wasn’t this supposed to be a 2 hour show? If not, when is it?

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