Crank High Voltage Image

We have a still from Crank: High Voltage to show you this morning. Thanks to our friends at IESB for the hookup.


This is a fun pic. Having the High Voltage sign in the pic is a cool tip of the hat to the title.

I would now like to present the video for Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six for your enjoyment. Much thanks to Poultor for hooking me up with this one.

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8 thoughts on “Crank High Voltage Image

  1. As soon as I saw the pic it reminded me of some Quantum of Solace pics, maybe the way hes dressed, and then went on to envision a Statham vs Bond battle. Id like to see that.

  2. they are really making a part 2 to this crap….damn, i hope its 10 times better than the first over edited pos….but props to these two guys making big budget movies…..

  3. like everyone else here:

    im wondering why the fuck jason statham is still alive after his head was crushed into his stomach after he fell off a helicopter…

  4. *** Crank Spoiler ***

    If I remember correctly, at the very end he is lying in the street after bouncing off the car and as the camera shows his face his eyes open.

  5. hahaha i love that video.. and song ;)

    yeah.. i never saw the movie.. but for what i’v eard its like ERIC says up there,, didn’t he “DIED” in the other movie?

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