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  1. No, George, I will not be voting for Obama. I like what little left of my paycheck I have as it is. I have no clue whether this movie is any good, but the bullshit that people say about the USA is just that. If you dont like it leave. The economics problems in this country are soley due to govt interference and nannying. They tell mortgage lenders its unfair not to give loans to people who cant afford them, and create some taxpayer backed program to let them do so. Then when everyone defaults, they blame the companies and bale them out, and tell them they have to have stricter standards. Then people dont get loans again cause theyre poor. And the cycle repeats. Let people lose their homes, let companies fail. That is how people learn.

  2. Saw it last night also. I agree with Peter Knox above, but left somewhat disappointed in that Peak Oil wasn’t mentioned. How can we possibly “grow the pie” in the face of a chronic energy shortage?

  3. Saw this movie last night and it’s something I could call mandatory viewing for everyone – for those in power making the tough decisions and for those affected that need to understand them. It’s a chilling doc only because the situation is so real, and my generation will be greatly affected by our government’s fiscal irresponsibility and spending today.

    The movie itself, while not as sexy or explosive as some documentary topics, was well done, in my view. I appreciated the Econ 101 premise, with engaging charts, easy to understand fables, and relevant interview bites. This topic is bigger and more important than an 85 minute documentary and I felt they captured the urgency of this dire situation. Unless action is taken now we might not be able to dig out selves out in a few years.

    Can’t wait until the dvd comes out in October when I can make my friends watch, but even more so I’m looking forward to the book, which comes out September 29th ( http://www.amazon.com/I-O-U-S-Addison-Wiggin/dp/0470222778/ ). Wiggin’s Demise of the Dollar was the catalyst for IOUSA, and I’m really interested in seeing the full and complete interviews of everyone involved in the movie, collected in the book.

  4. Education is the key. America would see improvement if knowledge, logic, and science were more respected and desired in America rather than what we seem to worship currently. Money, our celebrity idols & all the lollipops we can buy. We want our lollipops, and we want them now. We want bigger, shinier, tastier ones that our parents ever dreamed of. We deserve everything and we want it all now.
    Until the knowledge of the average american improves we will continue to be a fat, lazy, dumb herd of easily controlled sheep. (a very dangerous situation in the wrong hands)
    The knowledge of Americans will never improve until we toughen up learn to say no to ourselves, our children, and have discipline on the streets, at home and especially in schools. Who would want to teach if you are not allowed discipline in the classroom? What could be taught? School uniforms thru k8. every child at least two languages, and one year community service upon graduation. Wake UP!

  5. Been looking forward to this for awhile. Love the line from Steve Martin “lets say I don’t have enough money to buy something, should I buy it anyway?” That pretty much sums it up, thick as shit people using debt to purchase things they could never afford. What’s worse is the fucking retards giving out loans to any motherfucker with a heartbeat.

    Americans should be fucking pissed when they see this film. Unfortunately I think the gentleman in the trailer was right “this is america, we don’t do anything until something reaches a crisis.”

    @Jon. I take you wont be voting for Obama then?

  6. I don’t know much about economics beyond what they tell you in a 101 course, and I have not seen this movie, but is the debt really such a big deal? decrease government spending (like iraq), and it’ll slowly recover over the next 8 years. Yes it”ll lower the amount of money put into the system and lower the GDP, but It’s not the end of the world. I believe Canada had a massive debt in the 70’s or 80’s, and now we have a surplus.

  7. Come on up to Canada – you still get all the U.S. news/politics you can possibly stand, all the American films too (the good and the bad), the European/UK films before the Americans, and I think you can get HBO on satellite dish (dunno–I have cable).

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