The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded August 20th 2008

Hey there folks! Sorry about the delay, but here now for your viewing and listening anjoyment is The Movie Blog: Uncut installment that was originally recorded on Wednesday August 20th 2008.

1) We review Rainn Wilson’s “The Rocker”

2) Poltergeist remake in the works?

3) We are joined by our friends Dan Callahan and Adam Ellison (Screenwriters for the upcoming movie “College” and Michael Vartan’s new film “Demoted”).

4) Taking questions from the live chat board

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9 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Recorded August 20th 2008

  1. I have tried, and I can’t figure out where the videos are for the Uncuts that were supposed to happen on Thursday and Friday. I haven’t seen them posted here at all and I can’t find them on Do they exist? Did any shows happen?

  2. MARCK

    I did see Ed O’Neill on that show “john from Cincinnati”. He was great. He played a retired cop that was involved with a three generation surfing family. Ed’s character was so paranoid and hilarious.


    I have to agree that yesterdays show was not up to standards. But hey they cant all be great. I have a feeling todays show will be great.

  3. You bring up Ed O’Neill and how he’s faded away. He was actually on the HBO show “John from Cincinnati” last year. While the show itself was only so-so at best, Ed O’Neill’s performance was outstanding I thought. Grab a few of the episodes on Netflix once it comes out on DVD if only to see that.

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