Godfather 1&2 Returning To Theatres

This is what I like to see. We have fantastic news that the Godfather 1 & 2 will be re-released in theaters. We get the following scoop from IMDB:

Cleaned-up 35mm versions of the mafia epics – directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro – will be screened at September’s Gotham Film Forum in New York before hitting movie theatres across the U.S.

The work has been carried out by Robert A. Harris, under the direction of Coppola and original cinematographer Gordon Willis. Harris – who also worked on a Lawrence of Arabia restoration – claims his job was made tougher because high demand for prints of the movies had left the original negative in poor condition. He tells Daily Variety, “(It was) the worst I’ve ever seen in a picture from the modern era.”

I am very much in favor of re-releasing films. I think there are a ton of classics that would appeal to modern audiences; and we want to see them. In an age of remakes, I think that the re-release is a welcome change of pace, and the correct way to pay tribute to gems of the past.

I am excited to see both of these films in theaters and hope that a trend develops.

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26 thoughts on “Godfather 1&2 Returning To Theatres

  1. I want to say that The Godfather is one of the greatest movies ever made next to Citizen Kane.The Godfather plot line was excellent because of the wacking jobs they did and the irony of their catholic belief which is, “Thou shall not kill.”

    The casting choices of The Godfather were perfect. Marlon Brando as The Godfather and Al Pacino as Michael were the most amazing performances on the silver screen.

    The famous quotes from the film “I will make him an offer he can’t refuse” and “Leave the gun, take the canola” were remembered as the most famous quotes ever said in cinema history because the quotes make their jobs “crafty”.

    I would like to give the film a score of 100/100

  2. I saw “Godfather I” when it first came out and was in the theatres. It would be cool to re-release this film, but it would be even cooler if the film “West Side Story” were to be re-released into the theatres on a regular basis.

  3. @George, Yea I know. Its just a personal choice of mine. I have watched a lot of crime movies and for me, Goodfellows is the quintessential mob film of all time. It doesn’t try and paint or glorify these gentlemen as heroes, just shows them as what they are., criminals. I have seen Goodfellows countless times, its just an excellent film.

  4. This the best news ever. The Godfather is my all time favorite film and since i was not old enough to see the film in theaters this is a dream come true. I also hope that people my age take this opportunity to experience one of the greatest achievements cinema has to offer.

    1. This kind of “recycling” of great, golden oldie-but-goody classic films just would not work, George. Remaking these great films would just cut the heart and soul right out of them. Many people (myself included), prefer the real mccoy, if you get the drift.

  5. I like the idea of re-releasing great films but I wont see The Godfather as I don’t like any movies that sensationalize gangsters and make them seem like heroes. I have of course watched both as I can’t judge something without viewing, but I would never care to see the Godfather Saga ever again.

  6. I totally agree with you Doug that Re-releasing films is a great idea. Why it’s not done in the down seasons is beyond me. I don’t know if anyone is aware that there is a thing called the Clearview classic series were Some of the theaters this group owns have revival showings a few times a year. One of these theaters is the Ziegfield in NYC. It holds 1200 people and it’s one of the best theaters in the world. Ive been there many times! In April they showed JAWS, BACK TO THE FUTURE, PLANET OF THE APES, E.T and a few BOND movies. The year before they showed The Godfather 1&2, GREASE AND WEST SIDE STORY. Not for just a day, but for a whole week. Im trying to get them to show The POSEIDON ADVENTURE which is my all-time favorite film. I’ll keep everyone updated when they do it again, and if anyone gets to NYC its a great time!

  7. Interesting they didn’t even dare mention..part 3. i’d be down to see the extended version of both films combined. though it would require an intermission. wow don’t see those anymore…
    think cracking up george lucas should have followed what coppala did and just stick to what you got and not fuck up the original story. sure jedi rules over part 3 in the trilogy world but lets say lucas had it his way. we’d see prequels and eventually a fucking animated story that would ultimately fuck up the entire saga.

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