I Dream of Jeannie gets a new Writer

We are running out of ideas for Hollywood movies! And worse news is that we are running out of old shows to remake. So what’s left? A-Team… someone got that one already. Blossom? Don’t hurt my brainmeats! Hey I got it! I Dream of Jeannie!!

IGN.com says:

Producer Sid Ganis has hired Rita Hsiao to re-write the current script, and is extremely optimistic about the outcome. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about her idea, Ganis said: “She has a terrific, bright, fresh approach to Jeannie’s story, with a twist and turn along the way.”

The Bewitched remake wasn’t bad, but I liked the twist they went with. I worry that some of the charm of the original series stemmed mostly because of the era it was set in. So the plan is to have the big screen adaptation have Jeannie being brought to a modern world.

But of all the old TV Series being regurgitated into feature films, you have to stick with the iconic ones and this surely fits that bill.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to see a movie with some scantily clad blond beauty calling you “Master”? Hopefully they will get a solid actor to play the busty blond wish granting Jeannie and not fall back on Jessica Simpson or some other fluff actor.

Who would you like to see as Jeannie?

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7 thoughts on “I Dream of Jeannie gets a new Writer

  1. Bryce Dallas Howard would be perfect for the roll in my opinion. Watch her in Spiderman 3 with the blonde wig on. I thought of Jeannie while watching it at the theater. She has the look and I believe she could act the part very well.

  2. Well, I haven’t seen a redo of Courtship Of Eddie’s Father, Green Acres, BJ and The Bear or Max Headroom, so there! Ha!

    As for Jeannie, int’l friends, don’t look shocked. This project has been kicking around for some time. As to who would play Jeannie…I’m about to piss everyone off right now.

    Does she have to be blonde?
    Does she have to be white?

    I sense Jessica Alba…don’t know why…

  3. I dream of jeannie could be a good remake, if they completely toss out the show and simply start with the concept of a man stumbling across a hot genie in modern times. If they try to make it like the show I think it waill fail.

  4. That was a project I was kind of waiting for.
    Not in “Oh, yeah, I would love a Jeanie-movie” kind of way, but in a “Yeah, they are totally gonna remake this as well and it will be bland and dreadful” kind of way.

    Why not just cast Nicole Kidman as Jeanie and Will Ferrel as the Military Dude, call it BEWITCHED 2 and get it over with?

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