Latest Star Wars Clone Wars Trailer Online

I really like the style of this movie, and I am looking forward to the TVSeries to follow. The animation looks worthy of a feature film, the action looks amazing and the stylized characters look awesome. This doesn’t get me geeking out like the news of the prequel trilogy coming out, but its still pretty damned cool that its coming!!


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22 thoughts on “Latest Star Wars Clone Wars Trailer Online

  1. I hate the CGI style.

    I dunno, go look at some trailers from Blizzard or Guildwars. So much better.

    To me it looks like the animators were being lazy. This CGI looks like something that would have been done 10 years ago. 10 years is a long time in the CGI world.

  2. Bruce, I can love the series for far more than nostalgia, and it was original in its time and still is.

    I find it a pity that you have to over simplify this series in an effort to devalue it. So you don’ t like it. That’s fine. But try not to belittle other people who do like it and want to see more of it.

    I am sure you have a series or movie or tv show that you want to see more of. But I guess according to your logic, carrying on any story is just making it a weak comparison to drag more money out of the mindless masses.

  3. Sampson… Despite that you “know what happens” in these stories about the Clone wars that were never written, you dont want to see it… and then hope for the Eye of Palpatine story – found in novels you already know what happens in. I don’t follow your logic.

  4. i too am a huge star wars fan but i really dont get excited about these rehashed old stories that we have allready seen or read about……i really dont like the animation style either….and i agree with mojo man on this rodney…your a fanboy and this is not a argument cause im sure as a fanboi u will admit it too..sorry to say but i really have no intentions of watching this and i stood outside to see the last 4 movies….i was born in 79 so i kinda was to young to catch the first to but man i remember return/jedi like it was yesterday,,,,but like i said even though these are “new stories” i feel like i allready know what happens so…. to me its just get the hell over this era and lets start gettint to the twins and lets see the planet of jedi babies and etc….i mean can we finally see what its like when look goes to the darkside PLEEEEEAAAASE….and hey how about the EYE OF PALPATINE!

  5. Rodney, its not an intelligent idea, it was big in its day and now is to its long time fans what transformers is to most people in there 20s. Just because its popular doesn’t make it good (its the longest chunk of nostalgia still alive). At least i have an opinion about it, all you or most people can say is its “epic” I do enjoy star wars as much as the next person, i pitty your lack of soul to not be able to see that its a whored out commodity that has long since ran out of steam (prequels prove that) It only still around now because it is pushed into people minds and is reinvented for every new generation(this new movie proves that, kids love that pixar shit). I dont like hearing people saying how great the films are with know real backing up, sure i get there great for there time, the effects and method of story telling was revolutionary, but, since then everything is exactly like star wars because its safe and they know it sells, it became a formula for sci fi and portraying blockbusters with its method of get from point to point because the character have to so they can fight something. You look at every sci fi before than and so many of them are so unique and vast in so many different ways. in star wars, space is black with white dots…… to say something like barberella, where space is all colors and you can tell its someones idea of it. The original idea and story line of star wars has dated(the whole im your father thing, no one could do that now), im sure know one will agree with that but if you ask me thats because all this knew stuff has come along like the cartoons and new movies, but that was invented 30 years later people. Its badly mashed into and built of the almost non existent foundation. Give me any movie idea and thirty years and i can make a whole new thing out of it, hell il just add some new characters, some ships, newer technology, il change characters names and what they can and cant do, add a double edged light saber and poof!!! NOW ITS EPIC but also really far removed…. people wont care though right? as long as i give it the same name.

  6. Bruce, I can only assume you are trying to start a fight here.

    Star wars is a great idea. The story is epic. Some do not agree on how the prequels were presented, but there is no denying its popularity.

    I pity your lack of a soul that you cannot find at least some enjoyment in these films.

  7. This looks soo dumb, people wil eat up anything star wars thats why its made, the animation looks silly, all snappy and quick. Remember when they jumped around like that in the movies? this looks worse than the newer films. Let it be dead already, star wars inst even that good of an idea!!!!!

  8. The animation looks awesome. I am very excited about this. All future SW projects should be animated, imo. They could do Episodes 7-9 like this and get the original actors (Ford, Hamill, etc) to come back and do the voices. This is going to rockand I bet will blow away the prequel films, which I didn’t think were (overall) very good.

  9. The voice acting by the person who plays Yoda was absolute crap.

    Not looking forward to this at all. I want the original actors to lend their voices or nothing at all.

  10. Dahunter, this movie is the preview that will launch the show. The show will be animated exactly like this one.

    There is a live action show coming eventually that is said to take place after Ep3 but before 4.

  11. This trailer is fucking awesome, but we all know that that doesn’t mean shit. All Star Wars trailers were awesome and the movies didn’t really meet the expectations set by the ads.
    I will see it of course, it’s Star Wars after all.

  12. Rodney- my bad, this is set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The upcoming live action series will be set between episodes 3 and 4.

    As far as Lucas being a ‘bad’ writer, his directing skills are more in question. And they hired something like 20 writers from around the world from different fields to write the series and subsequent movie.

    For further example on whether it’s Lucas’s writing vs directing that stunk up the prequels. Empire Strikes Back is regarded by most people as the best film in the series, Lucas did not direct it, only wrote it. Of course someone else wrote the screenplay, which lends to he comes up with great concepts but can’t really write or direct.

    Sad thing is he started out as being good at both. American Graffiti and Star Wars: New Hope were great movies.

    Here’s hoping the next generation doing the Clone Wars return the series to it’s glory days. The fans will support it either way.

  13. i am looking forward to this movie i love all of the star wars films.But i just want to know if the tv series is going to be animated or not.cause if its animated i am not very exited about the show.

  14. Mojomann…. this is set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith… if it was after Revenge of the Sith, Annakin would be Vader.

    Lucas directing has nothing to do with what is in it. Lucas writing it has everything to do with it. The story and how it unfolded was entirely Lucas’ doing.

  15. A: This is set between Revenge of the Sith and New Hope, yeah I would love to see stuff set after Return of the Jedi.

    B: Lucas was looking for a specific avenue for distribution so he moved the franchise to Warner Bros. WB is the parent company of Cartoon Network which will be airing the series (CN also aired the original micro-series too)

    C: Simple reason none of this cool stuff is in the films. Lucas directed the prequels and not this. On the animated movie/series he is producer and has different directors per story, much like a regular animted show uses mutiple directors. The guy directing this came from Nick after working on Avatar and brought a big chunk of his crew.

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