The Movie Blog: Uncut – Special Incredible Hulk Review Podcast

Hey there folks! Welcome to this special installment of the Movie Blog Uncut – Incredible Hulk Review Podcast. Doug, Evelina and I spend the first half of this show talking the movie in general terms with minimal to no spoilers… then in the second half of the show (don’t worry, we give lots of warning) we fully talk about the movie… LOADS of spoilers, but much fun. So take some time to download and listen:


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45 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Special Incredible Hulk Review Podcast

  1. I agree that the movie would’ve been better if Abomination was killed, but it was a better comic book movie the way it was. Abomination is one of the only two villains in the Hulk’s universe. #2 is coming in the second movie.

    I think this movie is just-shy of a perfect Hulk film. I would’ve liked to see Hulk versus a bear or something, just another action scene.

    Just a little tidbit of information, WARNING! THIS INFORMATION COULD COMPROMISE YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT THE “Almost love scene”(That scene when Banner was getting “too excited); When Zak Penn was 13 years old, he wrote an Incredible Hulk script. That scene was from his 13 year old script. I think that’s phenominal. If there are any young writers out there, that’s a little inspiration.

    I think aside from the wanting of one more action scene, and a little dragging, I would have to give it a 7 out of 10.

  2. This movie is great. I would give it a 7 out of 10. As for your opinion on Betty Ross’s character. I couldn’t disagree more. She was the character that brought out the Hulks humanity. And as for the end fight scene, (spoiler) I said to myself (before Betty did) that Hulk can’t kill Abomination. So I’m glad that she stepped forward and stopped him. The film was about Hulk becoming a good guy and for Bruce Banner to gain some level of control over the Hulk. For Hulk to kill Abomination, represented a step back for his character. Also, 1 thing that I hated with the film was there constant reminders of how many day Bruce Banner went with out incident. I’m suprised that you guys never brought it up on the podcast.

    That being said, I understand how you feel about the movie, I just disagree with a few of your points.

  3. This HULK I liked it and rate is 7/10. It does many things right including the pacing, direction, action, and story which importantly is projected to the direction of the eventual Avenger series.

  4. I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I have always hated when they kill off villains in comic movies. That was my main complaint with the first Batman movie. You don’t kill the Joker!!! I like the fact that they left the Abomination alive, it means that we may see him in future movies. He and the Leader are the Hulk’s two main adversaries. The Hulk without the Abomination or Leader is like the Xmen without Magneto.

  5. I actually liked Hulk better than Iron Man. Main reason: I ended up caring more about what happened to Bruce Banner than I did Tony Stark. Really got a sense of the loneliness that this guy deals with. Yeah, the ending was kind of cheezy, but I agree with Steven Carroll – Hulk’s not a murderer. Plus, I want to see more of Abomination! The action sequences were all very good, and I can’t wait to see what they can do with a bigger budget.

  6. I been thinking.


    First, the trailer shows Banner w/Doc Samson and a brief shot of Banner in the Artic somewhere. I think it is safe to say that these are some deleted scenes.

    Second, maybe there IS an extended fight w/Abomination and Hulk. I’m thinking…maybe Betty says stop, Hulk stops. Turns his back on Blonsky…Blonsky gets up and forces Hulk to kill him in self defense or makes a mistake and kills himself.


    Tony Stark’s Iron Man finishes up the mess and we didn’t see it ha ha ha

  7. I, for one, am glad that the Hulk did not kill Abomination. It would have gone completely against his character at this point in the series to have done so. He may have killed military personel in self-defense, but killing the Abomination, after soundly having him defeated would have been outright murder. The Hulk, until recently in the comics, did not murder people, no matter how great an enemy they were. Also, Betty Ross, has, on a number of occasions stopped the Hulk from killing people, from losing himself completely to the Anger. That was also in standing with the source material. She is the one that kept the Hulk from cossing that line in the early comics.

  8. There was no plot hole with the “cure”. The Doctor said that it could possibly only prevent the CURRENT incident, and possibly NOT completely cure him. That is why Betty mentioned it as Banner jumped out of the plane.

    Also, to me it looked like Abominations back was broke, but I could be wrong.

  9. @ NICHGN

    I have seen the flick, and from what i have read, you witnesses the birth of “The Leader”, a longtime Hulk villain. The origin would be different from the comics, but i dont really have a problem with that. The Leader is rumored to be the main villain for Hulk 2… um… or 3 depending on how you look at it.

    I do hope they make him a bit “cooler” than th ecomic book version, because he was a wacky green guy with a big head.

    Overall, i was pleasantly surprised with I.H. I would say the grades of 7.5 – 8 out of 10 would be right on. Who woulda thunk it.

  10. I have to say, I liked the written reviews. I really miss it and was looking forward to your review of this movie. I can’t listen to the podcast because the speakers on my computer aren’t working. From the tone of the comments I guess you liked it?

  11. Where was this Captain America spotting we’ve been hearing about. I was looking for him but didn’t see it at all besides a mention besides the “it was developed in WW2” thing and the fact they have dude the Super Solider serum…

  12. I think this movie was great. some things could have been better, but i like how it was done.
    One thing i have been thinking about though, is the scene where the abomination is created and the scientist is thrown against the wall and some of bruce’s blood is mixed on his head from his cut. his head starts to bubble, or mutate. does he become something or someone important in an upcoming movie?
    but overall i ould say a 7.5 out of 10 is due. mainly fro teh story line but the action scenes definately contributed to it also.

  13. What a great summer so far. First Iron Man was great, Indy was a let down, and now Hulk makes the summer even better. What a great freakin movie. For me what made the movie were the sound wave cannons. God damn the speakers in our theater I think had the bass turned all the way up becuase my insides were vibrating when they were shooting hulk with them. I give the movie an 8 out of 10. This is going to make a great present for Christmas.

  14. @Antonio Spinozzi:

    I don’t think that they are planning on putting the Hulk on their team. I believe that they are going to put the team together to go after the Hulk. That is why Stark referred to the Hulk as “an unusual PROBLEM”. He didn’t say that the Hulk was a good fighter or anything else that would make you think that they wanted the Hulk to join the Avengers.

  15. After reading Jay E’s comment… I do have to admit that it would be good for the story that the Hulk not have killed the Abomination. But yeah… I still agree with Doug that Betty should not have stopped him at that point. They could have kept the Abomination alive and still done the ending differently.

  16. I wasn’t as upset about the issues that Doug had with the movie… but I completely agree with you! When that scene happened in the movie, half the audience yelled “Are you kidding!”

    I really like Doug’s alternate version of that scene. It would have been perfect to do it that way!

    Overall… the movie was actually better than I had expected. Even though I was incredibly excited to see this movie, I still had a bad taste in my mouth from the last version. That movie almost made me feel like a good Hulk movie was impossible.

    I give it 7.9 stars.

  17. I find it funny that the things John and Doug hated the most are the scenes that set-up major characters/destruction for the future.

    There aren’t too many “strong” characters that can go toe-to-toe with the Hulk, so killing off Abomination wouldn’t leave much for Hulk 3 or beyond. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an Avengers movie where they hunt down the Hulk (remember, the Avengers were formed to take down the Hulk, he only joined it later, this is what Stark was referring to at the end) only to have the Abomination escape and take on the “Hulk Buster” Avengers team? They may hesitate when fighting the Hulk (because overall, he is “good”), but with the Abomination they can really let loose!

    The Abomination only got about 10 minutes of screen time and he is far too powerful of a character to leave it at that. I would be far more pissed if in future sequels they tried to create “abomination equivalents” just to give Hulk something to fight because they killed him off in the first movie. They’ve built this character of the Abomination and his hatred of Hulk, let’s use him in the future. Have him kill Betty and see what the Hulk does then…

    As for “Mr. Blue”, they nailed the character perfectly and set him up for the sequel. His eccentricity may annoy Doug, but that is how he is in the comics and it adds a little more depth to him than “evil megalomaniac #7” that most villains are.

  18. Marvel is batting 1000. Hulk was light years better than the 1st one and continued in the quality of Iron Man. Summer 2008 is turning out to be a great super hero year what with Iron Man and Hulk-and hoping Dark Knight turns out to match up to these 2 (it has the potential and there would have been no question about it 2 months ago before I saw IM/IH. Great to see them getting great actors playing these superheroes. Norton was just as good in his own way as Downey was (although I’m a bigger Downey fan).yTim Roth chewed up the scenery as always but it fit here. And William Hurt was so much better than Jeff Bridges it’s not even on the same plane. Liv Tyler beats out Paltrow in my eyes on any day. As much as I knew about it-the ending was great and brought cheers from a sold out very enthusiastic 7pm Friday audience. Marvel rules!!! (but they always have)

  19. Also: where was the scene in the trailer of Banner speaking with Samson… and where was Banner traversing Arctic planes? Again, in the trailer.
    I wonder if these 70 mins of extra scenes on the Blu Ray will be enabled via branching. I have a feeling that Norton’s supposed rows with the production may have been due to the film having a lot cut out of it (?)
    Man a film hasn’t had me this vexed in a while.

  20. Just listening to your podcast. Agree with Doug that the Abomination should have been killed and then an approach made towards Thunderbolt. Why? *SPOILER* Because why does Tony Stark then approach him to say they’re forming a team? When were apologies made? What has happened to suddenly make him think that the Hulk is a hero?
    Yes, yes I know he just beat up the Abomination but there wasn’t anything substantial to suggest a break through from his normal line of thinking of nuke nuke nuke.

  21. Just got back and must say it was pretty damn good. Maybe because I went in with lower expectations then some, given I wasn’t blown away by the trailers, I came away very happy. My girlfriend who really had no interest and I dragged to see this movie, even liked it… more the Ironman she said.

    I personally agree that Ironman is better for the reasons you guys mentioned. But I would give Hulk a 7.5. An 8 if that one second at the end was handled correctly, as Doug so elegantly stated. I also had to raise a middle finger at the screen because of what happened, or should I say didn’t happen with the chain… head…!

  22. John
    You didnt miss anything after the credits.

    I would give it an 9 out of 10.

    I hated the direction and Liv Tyler but everything else was great.

  23. This movie is just one more stepping stone to bringing the Avengers movies and the Marvel Universe into greatness, when comes to comic book movies. Edward Norton is amazing actor and he doesn’t let us fans down. I am going to say there were thing that brought it down a couple of notches. The biggest of which was the final battle, the battle itself was awesome but how it ended sucks. I do recommend and it is very entertaining it’s just it had potential and could have ended better.

  24. Did Incredible Hulk fix the problem with the last movie, giving it more action than that one did? It sounds like you didn’t really enjoy the movie much, all three of you guys. 6.5-7.3 isn’t high praise, more like average. I’m very disappointed in hearing that the pace is slow in spots, I was expecting a fast chase movie. That’s kinda weird because Transporter 2 was nearly all action but this time he didn’t copy that formula.

  25. I think the Stark cameo was supposed to be AFTER the credits because it was SO out of place. AND the scene with Bruce meditating was already a great end shot.

    My thoughts on IH:
    The tone is so inconsistent. After each great action sequence, the tone of the film slows considerably and it dragged horribly.

    The film felt long unlike Iron Man which flowed perfectly.


    Oh yeah, that Brazilian chick/Bruce’s co-worker in the beginning was 2 scoops of holy fucking HAWT.

    I give IH a 5.5 out of 10.

  26. It’s been a long, long time for me where a movie ends and the audience actually cheered. The audience was packed.

    1) at least 40 to 50% were kids under the age of 13. (But it is Father’s Day wkd, so it’s a no brainer there)

    2) 10% were idiots about to feel he wrath of an incoming missle of a water bottle for cellphone usage!

    3) 40% dudes

    4) 2% wemmen

    5) 1% couples necking and trying to hide with no success


    Things I liked:

    1) Any nods to the TV show. The brief snippet of Courtship Of Eddie’s Father, Lou Ferrigno (*as another security guard!) the “fugitive” feel, the Incredible Hulk theme, green eye contact lens… Jack McGee, “a college newspaper reporter” put a smile on my face.

    2) The foot chase which ends in the soft drink factory/first Hulk out.

    3) Hulk vs sonic waves

    4) Hulk vs, Abomination.

    5) Tough love yoga and judo

    6) Ed Norton

    7) Abomination vs Hulk fight

    8) Setup for Hulk 2/Leader

    9) The Hulk look (very comics like!)

    and 10) the soundtrack

    Now, I enjoyed the film better than Ang Lee’s version; and I liked Ang Lee’s version.

    Now, for the cons:

    1) Liv Tyler, or more specifically, the lack of her character time

    2) Blomskey getting a variation of Cap’n America’s super soldier serum. Nothing really wrong with it, but when he’s fighting Hulk, it is understood that Capn America might fight like this. I’d like it if they left it up to the CA filmmakers to decide such a thing.

    3) Yes, I liked it…but I also hated the setup of The Leader.

    4) Tony Stark cameo seemed out of place. It should have been a end credit coda.

    5) Did I mention Liv Tyler?

  27. Wasn’t dissappointed at all, but i agree wgat you guyes said about the end. Fantastic action-sequenses. The first one at Culver was absolutley fantastic. I also thought it dragged in the beginning, but that was because it wanted to see Hulk, and they did say some time ago that Hulk would show up within 5 minutes. After that it didn’t drag at all for me at all.

    The only thing i hated was the two chatterboxes behind me who felt the need to comment on everything, loudly, and this wasn’t kids ot girls but grown men.

    Overall this movie was vastly superior to the 2003 version where whenever he wasn’t the Hulk the movie dragged alot.

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