Full Theatrical Trailer for The Happening Online

Yes, we all saw this trailer already when twice the population of Canada went to see Iron Man on the weekend. However now that it is online I wanted to share the full theatrical Happening trailer with you.

It really spooked me out.

M. Night Shyamalan has come back with another mystery suspense movie that we inevitably will expect a dramatic twist in. I predict that there WILL be no twist – which in itself with BE the twist. But thats just me hoping.

Does this make you want to see the movie? Or has the Sham-Hammer’s reputation already head him off at the pass.

He has been so hit or miss, but also predictable. He has his shining moments. Is this one of them?

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9 thoughts on “Full Theatrical Trailer for The Happening Online

  1. Looks amazing but the trailer for the Village had me amped for that movie too and we all know what then don’t we?

    Aliens from Signs come back?

    trailer has me excited though!

  2. I think that M. Night has generated enough goodwill from us moviegoers that we can give him a flop or two (The Village & Lady in the Water). But as the saying goes, the third time’s the charm.

    The trailer looked good. The story looks good. The actors look good. This should all add up to a good movie, right? If it flops, he’s done. If it’s good, he’s back.

  3. shamalamadingdong is not for me…i mean if u were a fricken advance bieng with the capabilities to have a cloaking device why would u try to invade a planet that is full of the shit that desolves your skin…aka water if u havent seen it…i mean just spit on them and the will cry lol

    any ways i will see this cause marky mark

    come on come on…feel it feel it!

  4. I have loved all of m night’s movies….i dont know why everyone hates lady in the water it was a real thrill ride for me, guess its one of those you love or hate. I have never been bored in any of his films and altough the village was a bit of a let down, the whole movie was a masterpiece…just cause the ending was bad doesnt mean it was a bad movie.

  5. Mind you, the entire concept of “expecting a twist” is incredibly self-negating. If you ARE expecting a twist, you should save yourself the disappointment and hope that there isn’t one.

  6. I am actually really excited for this. I was also really excited for The Village. I mean really excited. And that has to be the biggest let down I have ever experienced. I couldnt sit through Lady in the Water, but I’ll give M. Night the benefit of the doubt that he can pull off a quality movie.

  7. The Sixth Sense was good, as was Unbreakable (once you realize it is a comic book movie). All the rest of his films have been crap fests with telegraphed “Twists”, that are given away by the trailers.

    That trailer was pretty lame, but it also seems to have given a lot away, as I have a pretty good guess of what the twist is from just that trailer.

    I am so sick of Shyamalan’s manufactured suspense with little or no pay-off. It seems Shyamalan just learned how to film suspenseful scenes, but skipped learning how to craft a story and make the suspense actually build to a meaningful pay-off. I have seen Slasher flicks with better pay-offs than Signs, The Village, and Lady in the Water.

    I am pretty much done with his movies, and have no interest at all in The Happening, unless I hear amazing word-of-mouth about it.

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