Miller in Talks to Direct Hard Boiled Adaptation

Not to be confused with John Woo’s Lat sau san taam which was known on this side of the pond as Hard Boiled, Frank Miller’s early 90s comic series looks to be headed into talks to be a film again.

In 2001 talks said Warner Brothers was in negotiations with Miller to adapt the comic book into a feature film, David Fincher set to direct and Nicholas Cage to star. But now we get new news that this is getting a tiny bit closer to reality, but not like the first time.

MTVMovies Blog says

The acclaimed three-issue miniseries is once again inching closer to a Hollywood reality, this time under the tutelage of “Spirit” producer Deborah Del Prete.“We’re talking about [it],” Miller declared to us at NY Comic Con. “I’ve got a really unusual way I want to do it.”

But that’s not all…after co-directing “Sin City” and single-handedly helming the upcoming adaptation of Will Eisner’s “The Spirit,” Miller has decided that the only person he’d want directing a “Hard Boiled” movie is himself.

So Miller looks like he is going to dive head first into directing this himself, and with his past outtings, it doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

I am a big comics fan, and Miller seems to always knock it out of the park on the page, so I have high hopes for this master storyteller.

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5 thoughts on “Miller in Talks to Direct Hard Boiled Adaptation

  1. Chris, I think you are discounting the fact that comic book writers/artists are basically directors of their own art. They have to KNOW how to tell a story to be successful.

    Fortunately this translates well to the screen so far. Who knows what the Spirit will give us, but it looked good until I saw that trailer.

  2. I think Miller should wait to see how The Spirit turns out before directing again, the teaser trailer didn’t look very promising. The first thing on his mind after The Spirit should be convincing Roudriguez to get back to work on Sin City 2, I’ve been waiting sooo long!

  3. who thinks miller is a good director and is still giving him work…..i dont think being a great comic book artist/writer means being a good director..

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