James Bond’s Aston Martin goes for a Swim

Accidents happen all the time on sets. James Bond franchise is no different. And though his trademarked Aston Martin girl magnet will likely get flipped, shot at and crashed in the movies, they don’t expect it to happen when the camera isnt rolling.

Yahoo News says:

Producers say the driver of the Aston Martin was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. They say James Bond’s iconic car was being delivered to the filming unit in heavy rain on Saturday morning when it went off the road and plunged into Lake Garda.

Now lets be honest here. A car of that caliber SHOULD be hauled from set to set using a trailer. No questions there.

But if it DOES need to be driven and you were given the job, wouldn’t you want to open it up? Even just for a minute?

I am wondering who got fired here.

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7 thoughts on “James Bond’s Aston Martin goes for a Swim

  1. “Nobody’s fault”? The car doesn’t defy the laws of physics on its own… The driver was most certainly trying to make good time, and paid heavily (almost with his life) for it. The probability that he would’ve shot through the guard rail if he was driving for the conditions. He was most certainly speeding.

  2. Uh, not to contradict, but the article does say “One of Five on the set.”

    Also, the driver comments that he was being followed by a fiat punto
    If it drives as badly as it looks, we’re looking at one of those “nobody’s fault” situations.

    I agree with Kristina, it’s downright miraculous the guy survived at all, let alone with “minor bruising.”

  3. The road was too narrow and windy for a car hauler to navigate. the car hydroplaned because of the puddles produced by the heavy rain and its wide tires, like driving on ice. the driver turned the wheel but it kept going straight. still ultimately his fault as he was going too fast and didn’t use good judgment. that was the only car the studio had. likely damaged beyond repair to fix in time to reshoot any scenes (definitely could hurt production and possibly be scraped from the film), was suppose to be a scene from the beginning of the movie. likely Aston Martin will loan another car to film for the action scenes and the wrecked cars interior will be rebuilt to do the interior shoots along with special gadgets.

  4. You can’t fire the guy. He was driving the thing in HEAVY RAIN around a slick curve in the road. What the fuck were they expecting? And why wasn’t it being hauled in a proper trailer?

    I’m just glad the guy is okay. I saw footage of the wreck on TV, and that car plummeted quite a distance into that lake. The guy’s lucky he didn’t die.

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