Jackie Chan Appears On Chinese Anti Piracy Billboard

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It looks like Jackie is doing his part to tackle the rampant piracy problem in China. We get wind of the following story thanks to the professionals over at Variety:

Hollywood studios are taking their fight against piracy in China into the belly of the beast by erecting a huge billboard with an antipiracy message from Jackie Chan in Beijing’s Silk Market. Billboard features a simple warning from the Hong Kong star: “Protect the movies, say NO to piracy.”

“Chan’s message to Beijing’s citizens is direct and simple,” said Mike Ellis, MPA’s regional prexy and managing director. By eschewing pirated fare, Chinese will take steps toward “nurturing and protecting China’s movie industry, which then will be free to reach out and tell compelling, exciting Chinese stories to people around the world.” Putting the billboard in Silk Market is an ironic touch for the MPA, as the shopping area was once the place to go for counterfeit goods, including pirated DVDs, despite its location right next to the U.S. embassy.

Pirated discs have flooded the shopping areas of China, and shutting down this business will be a difficult task indeed. In order to tackle this problem, the MPA will have to have a long term plan, it may take a generation or more to tackle this problem realistically, and getting Jackie Chan on their side may be one of the best things they could have done. By getting well known, beloved celebrities to talk about the impacts of piracy; with hope and luck, the practice will lessen.

This is a tall order however, and possibly a pipe dream. Many have grown up buying pirated discs, and/or downloading films on their own. Trying to get people to buy stuff that they can get for free (or next to free) is never going to be easy. I think the best way to fight piracy is with real pirates. Fight fire with fire. Get a gang of surly lads with cutlasses and send them into the markets with minds bent on murder!

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7 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Appears On Chinese Anti Piracy Billboard

  1. Yeah, trying to get poor chinese workers to pay a shitload of money on a few DVDs will be more easy if celebrities are involved. This will show those nasty pirates!

    I say long live piracy. It’s the only competition the studios have and probably the only thing to thank for the free legal TV episodes and movies that are now available on the Internet.

  2. Downloading is bad, bad, bad! Illegal, illegal, illegal!

    That’s what streaming video is for! They can’t get you for that! It would be like suing someone for watching something on Youtube. Can’t do it.

  3. i haven’t rented/bought or went to the theaters to watch a movie for over 3 years now and thats because i get all of my movies from online. i know when i do this it takes money away from the people who need to make more films…but in my opinion they are rich enough as it is, since i myself have to live pay check to pay check i don’t see why if i can get it for free why i should waste my hard earned cash for something that will last a couple of hours. I would rather pay my bills

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