Joker Defaced Dark Knight Trailer Surprise

Some fans at a recent Publicity Event (I refuse to call a planned pep rally “viral”) were awarded with a prize of a 35mm print of the Dark Knight Trailer to take home. Awesome prize right?

What truly makes the prize awesome is that this very unique gift was apparently “defaced” by the Joker himself. One of the winners uploaded this excellent prize version of the trailer so that we can all see what they got.

This is really a unique offering. The fan would have been excited enough to have a 35mm print of the trailer – a prized possession for any true collector – but to then find that this print was even more unique than any other version is just incredible.

It may not be “viral” as I feel they are abusing the term. Their marketing is more of a flooding than virally infecting. Still a VERY cool item to have indeed.

Via /Film

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4 thoughts on “Joker Defaced Dark Knight Trailer Surprise

  1. it is amazing especially with the lambourghini, but at some point, its annoying cause i still love the trailer and i wana watch it every bit of it !!!!!!!

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