Scarlett Johansson Falling Down Music Video

It looks like Scarlett has decided to branch out into music, with an album titled Anywhere I Lay My Head. We find the first single Falling Down this morning in the fabled caves of Yahoo:

I was surprised to see this news, I was unaware Scarlett had singing aspirations. I cannot say that this song is my cup of tea; but perhaps it will speak to some. This song is strained and full of woe. International friends – what are your thoughts. Do you enjoy Scarlett’s venture into song; or would you prefer to pass on the album?

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21 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson Falling Down Music Video

  1. Wow, just.. wow.. If someone went into American Idol and sang like that, Simon would respond with some sort of slew involving the terms, awful, terrible, and worst singer in the world, etc.. But because Scarlett can “act” that means now it’s okay for her to go ahead and cut an album? The live version on AOL sessions is even worse.. She has no pitch, and she’s completely flat. Wow, stick to acting Sweetie.. Loosely put, acting..

  2. when i first heard it i thought it was awful…but i listened to it a couple of times and it kind of grows on you
    i mean its different….i like her style

    and its number one on yahoo music….

  3. Yes it is a different style that some people might like, not everything is for everyone. But the important question is: will people put it on the radio and TV if a nobody sang it?

    I think it helps being Scarlett Johansson, especially if you have no voice…

  4. is it really that bad? i kinda like it. it’s different. i think it’s great that she’s not doing pop shit. the recording and her voice, the imperfection makes this whole song interesting. just my opinion.

  5. It’s kinda like those movies that you sit there and wait for it to get better, but it never does. I expected that the beginning wa a mellow overture and kept waiting for her to actually break out in a wonderful voice. Never happened. I really did want to like it, but it seemed like the reason she had someone else singing was to help cover her up. Definite pass on this.

  6. WOW! what the hell was going on in that recording studio? and who was the guy that told her she had a good singing voice! In any style of music it would suck hardcore!

  7. I knew she was recording an album and that it would be country, so automatically I wouldn’t be interested. However, I was curious to hear her singing voice. This is a disappointment. She sounds like she’s struggling to sing and while you don’t need to have a fanastic voice she is WAY too monotone. I hope she sings the other songs better on the album because I was increasingly bored as the song went on.

  8. For starters, this is a Tom Waits cover album, so no poppy crap will you find here. As for the quality of the sound, I believe that falls on Yahoo’s crapper player. I love it, but then I like that type of music. No Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Duff, JLo same old bullshit music, and it’s about time!

  9. I was very curious about Scarlett’s musical aspirations, especially after David Bowie, who I consider to be the greatest pop music artist of all time, said he liked her songs.
    Talk about a disappointment.
    That sounds just horrible.
    Not only is her singing voice awful, what the fuck is going on with quality of that recording? It sounds like she recorded that on a laptop in her bedroom or something. I could produce a better sounding record.
    Whoever produced this should be fired.

  10. Some people might like this, but I was disappointed.

    I expected something more powerful from this star. This song felt like she wasn’t even making an effort.

    Could also be that I generally dont like moody down trodden songs. She was trying very hard not to be compared to Lindsay Lohan’s musical career and this is the farthest from that style. I prefer Lohan, and that isnt saying much.

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