Ice Cube Interested In B.A. Barracus Role

IcecubeOver my dead body in the frozen wastes of hell Mr. Ice Cube! We get wind today that Mr. Cube has shown interest in the upcoming A-Team movie, and would like to fill the golden shoes of the Immortal T in the role of B.A. Barracus. We get the scoop from via the movieweb: spoke to Ice Cube who was promoting his latest film First Sunday and was asked about the possibility of being cast in the film adaptation of the 80s television series The A-Team. When was asked if he would consider taking on the role of BA Baracus, Ice Cube said “Hell yeah, especially with John Singleton directing!”

He was then asked what he would bring to the character, which the actor/rapper responded”I wouldn’t try to duplicate what Mr. T did, but I will have the same impact on you when you were little watching the TV show. I’m going to bring my own flavor to it and I am going to do the mohawk.”

I will give kudos to Ice Cube for being willing to dawn the mohawk of power, and I certainly cannot blame the man for wanting the role; but I hope his dreams are dashed against the rocks and shattered into splinters. I like NWA and some of Ice Cube’s solo music work – but the dude is weak in everything I have seen him in as an actor. Finding someone to replace Mr.T is hard enough, I would argue that it is impossible and still want him on as the only original member of the cast. But if a concession has to be made Michael Clark Duncan’s name has been thrown around and that is a dude that may be over to pull off the role. What he lacks in charisma – he makes up in sheer size. B.A. is the muscle and you need him to be an imposing wall of threat and doom.

I am getting a little tired of TV remakes being butchered, bastardized and handled in a piss poor fashion. When i grew up with the show, and loved the show – It hurts even more. The A-Team rules and has stood the test of time as a bastion of machismo, and celebration of the vigilante; we want to see the film – but please make it a good one. Ice Cube is the wrong guy for the part – nip this dream in the bud, slam on the breaks, picket in the streets and burn a barn if you have to. I say thee nay!

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14 thoughts on “Ice Cube Interested In B.A. Barracus Role

  1. isn’t everyone forgetting one important fact when banging on about getting an “actor” for the role. Mr. T wasn’t exactly an actor himself now, was he?

  2. @ Darren

    I agree, i think Leonard Roberts would do a 10 times better job then Cube would. I think Roberts was very good in Drumline and was very good in Heroes…..

  3. Let’s give Ice Cube a chance.

    Hope they also get George Clooney as Hannibal Smith and Mark Wahlberg as Face.

    Three Kings reunion!

    Add Jim Carrey as Murdock!

    Good casting!

  4. Alright. Enough of my backward name spelling. I have to chime in one more time.

    1) Cube was great in Barbershop. But everyone else was better than Ice Cube.

    2) You want to cast a new BA Hollywood? You really, really, want to do that?! Okay.
    Do you want someone other than Bob Sapp? Okay….but if you were thinking about non-actor Cube you might as well have considered non-actor Sapp. Right? Wrong.
    Here is who they should look at should he step up: a talented underrated actor named Leonard Roberts, who was in Drumline and the cable film Joe & Max from a few years back.

    And if A-Tem don’t get him…at least get another actor

  5. sorry doug, and the rest of you, but i think ice cube would be an awesome choice for B.A. As much as i would love to see him do it, I highly doubt Mr. T will reprise his role in the movie. Who does that leave to fill his iconic boots? I doubt the new B.A will have the exact same Mohawk, i’m guessing a more William Gallas at Arsenal type hairdo. After this, thins about ice cube in “Boyz In the Hood” with all that angst and anger he portrayed. Put this into a pissed off war verteran and it would be perfect. Despite all the shit he has put out, ice cube can still get ghetto and mean!

  6. ”I wouldn’t try to duplicate what Mr. T did, but I will have the same impact on you when you were little watching the TV show.”

    Cocky little fucker isn’t he?

    I hate to say it Doug, but he probably already has the part (or as good as). I can see him suiting the mowhawk better than Michael Clarke Duncan or Ving Rhames and he will be cheaper than them.

  7. i hate most of Cube’s movies too,Nagy. to his credit though, he has brought it to 3 very different roles: Doughboy [Boyz-N-The-Hood],Craig [Friday] & as Fudge in Higher Learning.

  8. Thats is just what we wanted, a B.A. Barracus but on MINI ME version!
    Whats scary me the most is the fact that with John Singleton on the direction,we maybe get exactly something like this!
    I mean when the black dude role is counted in the movie he always go to the generic RAP singer wanna be actor for choice.

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