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Rambo-SoundtrackA lot of people are pumped up about Rambo. I’m excited about it too… but as excited as I am… my expectations aren’t all that high. Here’s hoping Stallone is able to repeat the magic he pulled out of the bag for Rocky Balboa (man that movie was great).

Anyway, if you want a little preview of the film, and get a shot of nostalgia too, you can head over to composer Brian Tyler’s MySpace page (I hate MySpace) where he’s got a track of the new Rambo flick up and playing (I think it’s the title track). It sounds WONDERFUL to me. Hearing the first few opening bars took me right back to when I was a little kid watching “First Blood” for the very first time. It really is a great score, and Tyler seems to have completely recaptured the feel the music is meant to convey.

Rambo is coming soon. I don’t know if it will be crap or not… but what the film lacks in quality dialog, I’m sure it will more than make up for with sheer body count!

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8 thoughts on “Listen To Some Rambo Soundtrack

  1. I love it. Way more powerful than the original theme while doing it honor at the same time. Tyler is good but I already knew that from The Hunted score.

  2. Why, if Stallone has such stirring and powerful music in this movie, have they used that awful drowning pool song in many of the trailers.

    This was good Im glad the theme has been kept, It has a slightly different feel to goldsmiths take, less horns and a bit of guitar.

  3. Henry Omehe,

    I really disagree with you right there, having a score that sounds like, Batman Begins, King Arthur, Pirates of the Caribbean, and virtually every other Hans Zimmer score to have been released doesn’t make it the best score of last year.

    Jerry Goldsmith one of the best Film Composers to have ever lived, and I like what Brian Tyler has done with it. He is a good composer too, but I do hope he adds more to the original Goldsmith themes for Rambo. I don’t simply want a rehash of have we’ve heard from the past three films.

  4. I don’t see what is so “wonderful” about copying Jerry Goldsmith without adding anything original. To me this soundtrack sample is further proof rambo4 will be a mear shadow of the original.

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