Van Damme VS. Seagal

JcvdWe have news today that Director Mark Nippe seeks to fictionalize one of the most anticipated battles of all time JCVD VS Segal. We get the scoop from our friends at the moviehole:

Director Mark Nippe (“Spawn”) has signed to direct the curiously-titled “Van Damme vs. Seagal”.

“Van Damme vs. Seagal” is a spoof comedy making fun of action heroes Van Damme and Seagal, both living in the Hollywood hills jealously trying to make each others’ life miserable – until a real nuclear threat arises and forces them to combine their action hero powers.

Apparently neither Van Damme nor Segal will be in this film. I beg to ask the question – what is the point? We all want to see these dudes in a movie together and a spoof movie that lampoons this fact is a cock tease that I do not want to endure. If magic happens, and they are both brought on board; then I will change my tune pronto.

When I was a kid these two were action titans and it is a shame that most of there recent work is sent directly to DVD land. A few years back I rented JCVD’s In Hell – a wrongly accused man ends up in a Russian prison for the murder of his wife. He is then thrust into the vicious world of prison pit fighting! It is a great cheese action film that deserves a watch. In the movie whenever someone is about to get raped in prison – techno music starts, classic!

In any event, buzz has been growing about this pair up and this movie testifies to that fact. I discussed this topic as a guest on a FILM JUNK vid cast just last year. I have made both videos available for your viewing.

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9 thoughts on “Van Damme VS. Seagal

  1. Ok….I listened to these clueless wonders. They know nothing about Martial Arts in general, but are commenting on the style of each actor.
    The comment about about wanting more action movies with the Rock, but yet not even seeing The Rundown or Walking Tall…..come on. Did you pick these guys wandering around the shopping mall. lmao

  2. well lets be honest u guys wouldnt no shit about martial arts on a collective level….and canada really was the first north american country to ruin that…im not going into detaiol but steven would win all day …van is a real cake ….i mean it was funny i guess but still kinda mocking real martial arts….btw they both suck now.

  3. Van Damme & Segal really know they’ve hit a new low when they can’t even get cast as themselves in a movie; poor guys. I was so excited reading this and then my heart sank by the end.

    I think we need to talk casting on the live show tommorrow Douglas.

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