30 Days of Night 2?

30-Days-Of-Night-2The highly anticipated vampire movie does not open in theatres until tomorrow, but there has already been talks about a ’30 Days of Night’ sequel. Sam Raimi recently told reporters how the possibility of ‘Dark Days’ (the next story in the ’30 Days of Night’ graphic novel series) depends on how well the first film does with fans.

Sci Fi Wire gives us this:

Raimi said a sequel would depend on whether audiences demand one. “And then if they do, I’d probably huddle with Ben and Steve and my partner, Rob Tapert, and figure out what they thought it should be,” Raimi said. “Mostly I want to be true, if there was a sequel, to the books. I think that’s what got us here in the first place.”

Two more comic series followed the first one: Dark Days, which brings back Stella and some of the original vampires from the original, and Return to Barrow, which follows the story of the brother of one of the survivors of the original attack.

Although it’s nice that Sam Raimi says that he is relying on the fans to demand for a sequel, I think we all know audiences don’t need to DEMAND for a sequel for one to made. Honestly, they’re not waiting for fans’ reactions to the film. They’re waiting for the numbers to come in from opening weekend. If they’re good, (which they probably will be) expect a sequel. (In fact expect a trilogy!)

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6 thoughts on “30 Days of Night 2?

  1. YEAH. Is good to see a trilogy movies that base on a good novel series like 30 days of nights. As long the movie base on the storyline of original novel.. especially regarding to the main characters.. then it will be even great. ^^

  2. the 1st 3? was a well acted and well movie for the vampire genre...make the 2nd and the true horror fans will appreciate it...critics are just what they are...they need to love all genres of a movie..and for that fact ...they cant possibly juge movies wel says:

    see name entry

  3. The funny thing about Movie Criticism (or any sort of Professional Criticism) is that more often than not, a number of “critics” will bend over backwards to come up with something they consider witty in order to flex their mental muscles, and likely find it easier to be witty when trashing a film than to praise it (not always, but it often seems the case).

    Don’t forget, there are a TONNE of movies out there that critics DID praise that the general public didn’t bother seeing.

    I think it is sad to tease fans of the book this way, when the movie has NOT been released yet.

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