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The art of the spoof comedy has been dead, then raped by studio necrophiliacs, reanimated as one who walks amongst the living dead, then killed again for years now. Gone are the days are truly great spoof comedies like Hot Shots, Top Secret, Airplane and Naked gun. Instead we’re now subjected to Epic Movie, Date Movie, the wretchedly horrible Scary Movie franchise and even the upcoming The Comebacks.

Now, we already know that 300 has a spoof of sorts coming out called “National Lampoon’s 301: The Legend of Awesomest Maximus Wallace Leonidas“. But hey… why not ANOTHER spoof movie based on 300! Sure! Sounds like a great idea! Ug.

Ty gave me the heads up on this new 300 spoof that’s going by the name of “Meet The Spartans”, and it looks like ass. Check it out:

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27 thoughts on “Meet The Spartans Trailer

  1. and out of 24 comments, just 1 non-negative comment and 1 evidently positive comment by some idiot.
    it’s just sad that there are enough dumbasses in this country that will go pay and see the movie thus turning a profit. oh god Im dying to see how much this movie grosses..

  2. If you laugh at this crap you seriously need to step back and reevaluate your life. In a perfect world – if this movie somehow managed to exist – you, along with whoever was behind the production of this movie, would be shot dead on sight.

  3. I’m one of the few that liked this trailer too. Also I think 300 realy needs to be made fun of (not that it hasnt been a kazillion times on the internet but still).

  4. John you’re wrong on the Scary Movie franchise…with David Zucker and his team at the helm, they have been absolutely brilliant. I am a David Zucker whore.

  5. Looks as bad as the Epic Movie trailer….if not worse….if that is even possible. Who thought of spoofing 300 and turning it into a dance-off thing? How do you even connect that together at all. I’ll never understand how these people get their movies made.

  6. I am actually really happy that Epic Movie existed, because that was the first comedy/spoof i sat through and didn’t laugh once. And because of that movie i will never waste my money on any more of these spoofs.

  7. It’s bad enough they make this shite, but what’s really worrying is when people actually spend money to go and see it…

    The sad fact of the matter is these things are cheap to make and somehow turn a profit, so the studios are only going to churn out more of them.

  8. Method Man and Kevin Sorbo…I bet they’re paired-up action heros in a parallel universe. And like superfamous. The kind of famous that gets you invited to buy a Bugatti Veryon.
    You’re right, “ass” is a good word.

  9. I think the last decent spoof movie to come out of Hollywood was Not Another Teen Movie. Everything since then sucked. Massively.

    When even the trailer doesn’t crack you up….that’s a sign.

  10. Well just think about how soon it’s been made after 300, and it’s a spoof of just one movie……..and it looks horrible.

    Oh well, it’s just another reason for me to despise Fox. Come to think of it; AVP2, Alvin and the chipmunks, and now this movie all coming soon from Fox? Somebody try and convince me that this studio isn’t an evil that needs to be taken on, G.I.Joe style.

  11. Muahahahaha is this Kevin Sorbo in that trailer?
    Oh, Hercules, how the mighty have fallen!

    Seriously though, it looks horrible, but did anybody really expect something different?

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