Justice League Script Review – Not Good

The Justice League movie is one that I instantly got excited about then I heard they were making it. But from day one I’ve heard bad decision after bad decision after bad decision to the point now that I have little to no expectations from this project other than total disaster (casting kids, wrong director, wrong timing, wrong purpose).

But now the folks over at movieweb are reporting on a script review that sort of bring all your fears to striking reality. Justice League will be more of a kids movies. Here’s what they have to say:

“…the movie is going for a tone similar to that of The Rocketeer or Sky High.”

“The reviewer describes the script as “light and fluffy cartoon adventure stuff.” It sounds like the filmmakers are doing everything they can to distance themselves from any existing Superman or Batman television or film project. This isn’t going to be a movie for adults, but more of a live-action version of the Saturday morning cartoons.”

Oh good. So instead of going the successful route of Batman, X-Men, Superman ect… .they instead want to go in the direction of Fantastic Four. Nice.

To be honest, none of this is surprising in the least to anyone really. I think most of us realized when they announced neither Bale or Routh would be in the film for he respective roles that what WB was going to give to us was a dumbed down kids cartoon movie. This just sort of confirms that more.

However, scripts can be funny thing. Each reader can see things in a diferent tone. A few strategic changes can alter the entire feel of it… and so let’s not take the word of one review too seriously. But you can’t just discount it either. Too bad. This movie could have been so good if done right… seems WB have chosen a different direction.

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16 thoughts on “Justice League Script Review – Not Good

  1. I agree with NOLAN. He has the right idea. Shit, why bother with a new Batman & Superman in JLA when each movie went through hell to get Bale and Routh in their respective movies? This project just seems rushed, and I really doubt it can pull together.

  2. This film should be postponed, until the time is right. If making it will interfere with the splendid franchise of Batman and will be as well a rock in the road for the next Superman film, then WHY making it? And now we find out the script SUCKS… so again, why making it?

    A 2010/2011 release with 3D animated actors and a better script, will take things to a different place, but if Warner insists in confusing people with 2 Batman’s, 2 Superman’s, and a JLA film with a horrible plot and script… then go ahead, please follow the steps of Marvel and throw your franchises to the toilet.

  3. Didn’t read it, don’t care to. It’s a fake and besides scripts get written, rewritten and scrapped so lighten up. I am still looking forward to the finished product and hope it is as good as JL and JL Unlimited Animated series because those kick butt.

  4. SO here’s the thing: Why not? When you are dealing with an ensemble cast, why NOT make it light-hearted? Not everything has to be DARK and GRIM and GREY. Fantastic Four was a fun movie. It knew it was a fun movie and it worked on that level. You mean to say nothing light ever happens in comic books / graphic novels?

    I am mostly playing Devil’s Advocate here, but maybe this is the perfect direction to take this film. Are we seeing, perhaps, a backlash to the GRIM, DARK, DEPRESSING, superhero (anti-hero) movement? Are the films moving more towards the Golden Age with their themes?

  5. “I juat read a couple things over at SHH! boards, do this guys not realize that it was Clint and not me who posted this news?

    All we did was link to his article and we are the ones who started thinking that something was fishy.

    Yes, when I read the 14 pages I was shocked at how bad it was and while I did for a second think that it was real, we did our job to get to the truth.

    We debunked this thing and we are not the ones who got fooled so what are these guys talking shit about.

    Are these guys that ignorant and not realize where the story originated from?”


    Last post at the bottom.

  6. The guy in the quote doesn’t sound like he knows what he’s talking about. Sky High is a kid’s movie, but The Rocketeer is not – what would be wrong with a Justice League movie having that tone, a movie that can be appreciated by adults and kids? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am all for the hardcore cut a guy’s head off for no reason NC-17 version of Justice League, but The Rocketeer tone is more in keeping with the source material.

    Also, the “Saturday morning cartoon,” if he’s talking about Justice League or Justice League Unlimited, is watched by as many adults as it is kids, perhaps more. That’s actually why they cancelled it. It was getting good ratings but they need to make cartoons that are watched more by younger kids in order to get the advertising dollars.

    Finally, I have to ask John how the hell George Miller is “the wrong director”? You can’t name a living director who is more perfect. I think the fact that he wanted it and they gave it to him is a miracle. In fact, I never thought a Justice League movie would work, but as soon as they said George Miller I thought, okay, it will definitely work.

  7. If they treat the subject matter like it is serious, and not like it is a kids movie, or the 60’s batman show, it can be good, even with a young cast.

    To be good it is going to need a major threat, either a group of villains (in-justice league?), or some sort of alien invasion type threat (Darkseid?).

    Darkseid works better than multiple villains, as you still have 5-7 Heroes to develop in addition to the villain(s).

    I have very low expectations for this movie so far.

  8. 1) Don’t give Rocketeer a bad name. That film was fun, entertaining and better than some of the other stuff out right now.

    2) If they introduce Fantastic Four as being more family-kid friendly, so be it. I don’t understand Gio’s hate on for the films…but let’s be fair. Spider-Man and Hulk isn’t with the FF (I dont mean “new FF” in the comics either, I mean original team) …while one cannot separate Bats and Supes from JLA.

    3) “A review says The Hulk script is great” So it’s ‘great’ and ‘not subjective’…” A review says JLA stinks to high heaven” But it’s ‘subjective’. What? [also, is it an earlier draft?]

    What’s going on ? Either they all are subjective, or they are not. Not that anyone is in shock over this, as noted. It should also be said that *someone* out there loves this script. If I was one of those folks, I’d consider using an alias and hiding out in the Bahamas somewhere for a spell…but someone must have loved it, and like the director or no, Miller did sign on. You can’t lure a director with a badly written script (unless, of course, it’s a horrible director, which Miller is not)

    Now, here’s where I break my oath.

    4) “Super-Friends” the movie?!
    Does that include the fucking dog?

  9. I’m not the slightest bit surprised.
    But keep in mind John:
    Are the Fantastic Four-movies bad? Oh yeah, pretty horrific actually.
    Are almost no comic-fans satisfied with them? I personally have heard of no one who likes them.
    Did they make money? Jup di da, they are both very successful.

    FANTASTIC FOUR isn’t good in any way, but both movies made pretty good money. No wonder DC wants something similar. You can’t blame them for going with this concept. You can blame the public for making this concept successful in the first place.

  10. So, if I understand it correctly, the JLA movie will actually be an advertisement for the associated JLA merchandise.

    Isn’t that what kids movie are for, nowadays?

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