More comics: John Singleton directing Luke Cage

LukeCage.jpgSee, I knew there was some hope for the Superhero genre, and with John Singleton helming the latest attempt this one could prove to be quite good. Mind you, a good Director does not equate to a good Superhero movie, but we at least there’s more hope.

While researching another item I happened by the current film in progress by Singleton, Luke Cage. IMDB describe the film as:

The comic book adaptation is about a former gang member who is framed for a crime he didn’t commit. In prison, he volunteers for a medical experiment that goes awry, giving him superstrength and bulletproof skin. Using his newfound powers, Luke Cage escapes and becomes a hero for hire.

Oh, and not a hero for good or justice, just for hire mind you. That suggests there could be a slightly bad element to him. Oh, how refreshing!

Actually, I’ve just had an idea, you know what would be good? Let’s not create a new superhero film, let’s create a supervillan movie! All from his perspective, I think that there could be some mileage there!

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6 thoughts on “More comics: John Singleton directing Luke Cage

  1. Dear Mr. john singleton im writing this to let you know how good of a director/producer you are and to tell you how you inspire me to become a director/producer just like you. You know you are just like a black stephen Spielberg and george lucas.

    Really im basically want to get discovered by you in the future when I graduate from film school. Im 17yrs old right now and im working on my first script and MAYBE YOU CAN HELP ME GET THAT PRODUCED ON THE BIG SCREEN because and maybe I could direct my first movie I want to put out. MR. SINGLETON IM NOT WRITING THIS JUST TO BE FRIENDLY IM WRITING THIS TO LET YOU KNOW THEIR IS A TALENT BLACK KID OUT THEIR THAT IS DIENG TO BECOME ONE OF THE BEST FILM DIRECTORS EVER. ALL I DO IS DREAM ABOUT THIS. MR. SINGLETON I KNOW YOU ARE A BUSY MAN BUT ALL I ASK NOW IS TO E-MAIL ME BACK OR CALL 225-357-7732.


  2. John should REALLY give Kevin Grevioux a SERIOUS look instead of the rumored Ving Rhames. Check out his unrelated promo shot by clicking my name. Now isn’t THAT Luke Cage!! missing the headband and gold shirt!

  3. Okay Mark, well first it’s RICHARD not John!

    No, not really sarcastic here (which is a change for me!) I think there is a lot of hope with this one. Singleton directing – that’s going to be something refreshing, and Luke Cage is a more anti-hero for sure. Genuinely I think this could be good and maybe help to keep the superhero genre on track.

  4. Come on, John, give it a chance. Do you know the full details of this movie’s setup? Maybe Luke Cage was wrongly imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit? Maybe he’s working for hire to help bring down the person/persons who put him in the slammer?

    I’m not necessarily defending the film’s premise, or saying that I predict the above is what will happen, just that you don’t know until you have more details.

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