James Cameron to take Battle Angel to 3-D Digital Cinema

JamesCameron.jpgJames Cameron has a love for big screens and big events, like creating the Terminator experience that mixes video, 3-D and live action, and it looks to be no different with his next project Battle Angel.

MovieWeb have the story that he’s been waiting to do the movie in digital 3-D and that, of course, needs digital Cinemas out there. Of the project Cameron said:

“It will be live action combined with CG, and hopefully will be ready for release in 2007.”…”It will be a combination of the 1st and 3rd books.”…”A known actor will be cast to play Alita, but it is not a star driven movie. And most of Alita will be CG.” Cameron went on to say that he√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s waited to do Battle Angel in digital 3-D because of Digital Cinema, “By the early summer of 2007 most theater houses will be equipped with D-cinema, or Digital Cinema.”

Not having any knowledge of the story what so ever, I’m particularly useless in commenting on whether this could be good or bad. What is good is that Cameron is preparing something that will showcase digital Cinema, and if it’s from Cameron, and it’s CG, it’s going to be pretty awesome.

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4 thoughts on “James Cameron to take Battle Angel to 3-D Digital Cinema

  1. I worry about Cameron’s version, because his what I saw of his scriptment of Spider-Man was goddawful, and the whole idea of cramming 3 volumes into one movie bothers me. The Animated Movie suffered from the same problem. The villians weren’t as well developed because the story also had to deal with Hugo/Alita love story. Battle Angel has such an excellent story, I’m afraid some story ellements are really going to suffer.

  2. There is a new 35mm format for 3D and big screen
    movies called CINE150-3D, it uses a taller frame, 6 perfs rather than 4, to brighten the picture and give 50% more clarity. Cameron should consider
    using this as part of his release mix for Battle
    Angel. Just for the record: Polar Express 3D
    IMAX version was one of the biggest hits ever!!!
    They did over a million dollars in one theater,
    and averaged about $500,000 in the other 71 3d dates! Thats fifteen time better than the 2D results!

  3. Just thought I’d give a little background info on the story of Battle Angel.

    The first book centers around Alita’s ‘origin’ she is found rotting in a pile of scrap by a cyborg doctor named Ido he then rebuilds her body and looks after her in a faterly fasion.

    The third book focuses on Alita rebelling against Ido and running away from home. She ends up competing in the (ultraviolent) cyborg sport ‘Motorball’.

    If the film is to be a combination of the first and third books then it sounds like the main storyline will be the origins, with the motorball thrown in for an action element. I find it hard to believe that the film will be faithful to all elements of the graphic novels (extreme violence and drug use being the main reasons) but hopefully it will still be enjoyable. As a fan of the graphic novels I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

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