Hugh Jackman signs deal with Disney to produce musicals

HughJackman.jpgHugh Jackman is returning to his musical roots and is looking to bring some musicals to the big screen. In a deal with Disney he is signed up to star and produce several musicals. From the BBC Movie site:

He’s had big success on stage from Sunset Boulevard to Oklahoma!, but it remains to be seen which musicals Jackman will be transferring to the big screen. “There might be a classic out there that can be redone and find an audience,” he says, “but I am personally more interested in finding something new.”

I remember seeing singing footage of Jackson onstage in Oklahoma during one of his first screen interviews and being surprised that he can really sing, and he had a presence on the stage.

Call me sissy but I do love the screen versions of musicals, Guys and Dolls being one of my favourites or just anything with Gene Kelly in it.

I’d love to see some new musicals and especially interesting to see Wolverine and Van Helsing star in them! Seriously though, I think it would be interesting to see him in a different light to his action tag that he currently seems to be carrying.

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2 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman signs deal with Disney to produce musicals

  1. After winning a Tony Best Actor for his performance in “A Boy from Oz”, I wont be surprised if Mr Jackman focuses his energy not just in producing musicals but also even starring in more of them. First stop will have to be bringing the show to the West End soon. I have listened to the soundtrack of “A Boy from Oz” and he really sounded great!

    As for “Guys and Dolls”, Richard, have you not heard that Ewan McGregor is recreating Brando’s role to the West End version this spring?

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