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Tony Jaa In Rush Hour 3?

Post submitted by: Chris Rushworth You can submit a post here Brett Ratner has been talking about who he wants in Rush Hour 3. Here is what he says through Comingsoon: Obviously, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are back, but Ratner talked with about some of the actors he’d … [Read More]

London Suicide Bombers inspire movie

The suicide bombings in London last year are already prompting the Movie Industry to commit stories to film, however this one isn’t from Hollywood, it’s from Bollywood, and will look into the mind of one of the terrorists. According to Reuters through Yahoo: Mahesh Bhatt’s Suicide Bomber, to be set … [Read More]

Readers Lives #5

Wow, there’s enough for a fifth! Would you believe it? Here are some of the words and thoughts emailed to me from the readers of the Movie Blog, on issues all about Movies. Let it be known that anything else is usually scrapped, including all those pictures of naked ladies … [Read More]

Campbell reveals Bond casting

We’re getting there, slowly but surely. Here’s news that Martin Campbell the Director of the new movie Casino Royale has talked about the Bond casting and no gadget rumours. From Dark Horizons: …he[ ]confirmed that Goran Visnjic, Henry Cavill, Daniel Craig, and Sam Worthington had indeed all screen-tested for … [Read More]