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Netflix’s Tomb Raider Debuts in October

Get ready for a new animated adventure with the iconic Lara Croft. Netflix has unveiled the release date for “Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft,” and it’s set to hit your screens on October 10th. This series picks up where the recent video game trilogy left off, so get ready to see a Lara Croft who’s already a seasoned tomb-raiding pro.

Hayley Atwell: The New Voice of Lara Croft

Suiting up for the voice acting role is the talented Hayley Atwell. You might know her from her kickass portrayal of Peggy Carter in the “Captain America” movies. Fans are already raving about the casting, praising Atwell’s voice acting chops as the perfect fit for the tough-as-nails Lara Croft.

The teaser trailer for the series is short but action-packed. We see glimpses of Lara wielding not just her signature pistols, but also a shotgun. There’s even a hint of some motorcycle mayhem! This is definitely not your old school Lara Croft.

Picking Up Where the Games Left Off

Unlike some origin stories that take us back to the beginning, “Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft” jumps right into the thick of things. The series follows Lara after the events of the recent video game trilogy, including “Tomb Raider” (2013), “Rise of the Tomb Raider” (2015), and “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” (2018). So, if you’ve played those games, you’ll be right at home with this new adventure.

While the release date is still a few months away, we can expect more details about the series to emerge in the coming weeks. Netflix is known for its impressive animation library, and “Tomb Raider” looks set to become another must-watch for fans of the genre. So, mark your calendars, grab your popcorn (or whatever your streaming snack of choice is), and get ready to join Lara Croft on a thrilling new adventure!

A Brief History of Tomb Raider Movies

Lara Croft first hit the big screen in 2001 with Angelina Jolie in the lead role. A sequel, “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life,” followed in 2003. In 2018, a reboot titled simply “Tomb Raider” starred Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. The Netflix series will mark a new chapter in the Tomb Raider universe, bringing the iconic video game character to life in the world of animation.

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