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Hayley Atwell takes on Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft!

It feels like it’s been an uncertain time for Tomb Raider lately. The producers have been trying to figure out the best way to continue the Tomb exploring legacy. For any gamers reading this, the latest trilogy of games by Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics started in 2013 are all really awesome! With Camilla Luddington taking on the voice of Lara Croft, the games were a success! This was partly thanks to the games taking on a darker and more serious tone. This is a huge shift compared to the Angelina Jolie Lara Croft movies and the original 90s games. It really shifted, and it was a gamble that kept the attention of the fanbase, and more.

This legacy will continue in a new anime series, called Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft, with Hayley Atwell! The new anime is coming to Netflix in 2024. The show will also be set after the trilogy of the recent games. Intended to capture Lara’s “rise” we can surely expect to see that serious tone making its way to the forefront once more. The trailer also features some mysterious moments which I’m quite excited for the show itself to answer.

This trio of games wrapped up nicely in 2018 with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Overall, we got a superb storytelling arch, with a whole host of high-octane action, within stunning global locations. They really did respect the original games, whilst bringing something excitingly new. We also saw a reboot movie in 2018 and though it did step into that serious tone that we’d seen in the recent games, it didn’t quite hit the mark for the Tomb Raider following. There were some really brilliant moments in the movie, and personally, I still think that’s a version they could carry on with. However, the Lara Croft actress Alicia Vikander is no longer attached to the role of Lara Croft. It’s hard to tell what the next movie will look like at this point.

Originally announced in 2021, the series will be brought to our screens by Crystal Dynamics, Legendary, and Castlevania’s Powerhouse Animation. I must admit, that growing up I didn’t play the classic Tomb Raider games. I had a lot of friends who did indeed lock the butler in the fridge… (Google this to know more). More recently, I played the latest trilogy of games, along with Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. I enjoyed a lot of moments from the 2018 movie (How cool is that action-packed waterfall scene?), so as a fan, I’m genuinely really intrigued to see Hayley Atwell’s anime version. So, what do you remember from Tomb Raider over the years, and how excited are you for this next iteration?

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