The 2024 Golden Globes Winners – From Oppenheimer to Poor Things

We’ve entered a new year that’s full of excitement and possibility. But what better way to start a new year than by reflecting on the one we’ve just put behind us? January starts strong with various awards ceremonies celebrating film and television feats in 2023. The 2024 Golden Globes happened last night, and what a competitive night it was! From Barbie to Oppenheimer, we’ll give you the highlights from the wins, the losses, and the ceremony. Let’s take a look at the 2024 Golden Globes winners!

Killers of the Flower Moon 2024 Golden Globes winners
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The 2024 Golden Globes Winners In Film

A unique aspect of the Golden Globes is that they split their biggest categories into two. Films are placed in the “Drama” or “Musical or Comedy” category. The winner of Best Film – Drama, was no real surprise, with Oppenheimer taking the win. The film’s director, Christopher Nolan, also won Best Director. Lead actor Cillian Murphy also won Best Male Actor in a Film – Drama for his leading role as J. Robert Oppenheimer. 

Lily Gladstone won the award for Best Female Actor in a Film – Drama, for her role as Mollie in Killers of the Flower Moon. She earned tremendous applause and gave a beautiful speech, primarily in Blackfeet’s language.

Poor Things took home the trophy for Best Film – Comedy. Emma Stone, the star of the film, won Best Female Actor in a Film – Musical or Comedy. Paul Giamatti won Best Male Actor in a Film – Musical or Comedy for The Holdovers.

Supporting roles are not split by genre. Here, we saw Robert Downey Jr. win Best Supporting Male Actor in a Film for his role in Oppenheimer. Da’Vine Joy Randolph won Best Supporting Female Actor in a Film for playing Mary Lamb in The Holdovers.

One of the new awards for the 2024 Golden Globes winners was the Cinematic and Box Office Achievement trophy. Unsurprisingly, this went to Barbie. The film earned $1.44 billion at the box office, smashing records and surpassing expectations.

The 2024 Golden Globes Winners In Television

The big winners in Television saw a lot of trends. Succession ended with its finale season last year, taking home various wins, including Best TV Series – Drama. For its acting, the show won in very competitive categories. This includes Kieran Culkin for Best Male Actor in a TV Series – Drama, Matthew Macfadyen for Best Supporting Male Actor in a TV Series, and Sarah Snook for Best Female Actor in a TV Series – Drama.

Despite fans arguing whether it counts as a comedy, The Bear won big in this category, culminating in its win for Best TV Series – Musical or Comedy. Ayo Edebiri won the show a trophy for Best Female Actor in a TV Series – Musical or Comedy. Jeremy Allen White got them another win for Best Male Actor in a TV Series – Musical or Comedy.

Another leading show with repeated wins was Beef in the Limited TV Series, Anthology Series, or TV movie category. It won Best Male Actor (Steven Yeun), Best Female Actor (Ali Wong), and Best Limited TV Series, Anthology Series, of TV movie.

2024 golden globe nominations highlights
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What It All Means

The Golden Globes is one of the most popular awards shows for spectators. Some see it as the most fun of all. It’s the only show with an open bar, and there’s often plenty of silly interactions between celebrities.

The voters for the ceremony are made up of around 300 entertainment journalists. This means the voting body is not the same as the one that votes for the Academy Awards, the most prestigious show of the Awards Season. This doesn’t mean the 2024 Golden Globes winners don’t have a shot at the Oscars. After all, the room is full of voting members, and their reactions to certain wins say a lot about who they may be voting for come Oscars time. And if applause means anything, we suspect a Lily Gladstone win in the future.

The Ceremony As A Whole Wasn’t The Best

The Golden Globes isn’t just about the winners. In addition to watching stars win, we show up to see the production. And, to be honest, this year it wasn’t the best. Stand-up comedian Joy Koy hosted the event and performed what was the least funny monologue in recent memory. Aside from a few great presenters (including a very funny dance by Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig), the 3-hour-long production had nothing special. There were no big spectacles or memorable laughs.

Ultimately, the 2024 Golden Globes gave us some great winners, minimal surprises, and an expected night of watching Hollywood come together to rub shoulders. We look forward to seeing the rest of the Awards Season play out!

Readers, were any of the 2024 Golden Globes winners on your list of favorites? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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