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Two New Categories Added at the Golden Globes

It seems like ages since we’ve watched an awards show. And, well, it has. We would have been watching the Emmys this month, though the ongoing Hollywood strikes pushed it back. Despite this hole in our calendars, we now have something exciting to look forward to when the Awards Season does make its way back. The Golden Globes has officially announced the arrival of two new categories: Cinematic and Box Office Achievement and Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy on Television.

What The New Categories Represent

A common complaint about many awards shows is that they award films that more casual viewers haven’t seen. It’s understandable that more people would tune in if they’d seen all the movies. Though, it would be impossible to suggest that Hollywood stops awarding incredible films just because they haven’t been as popular. So, including Cinematic and Box Office Achievement seems like a fair addition, giving something for everybody. Eight films will be eligible for nomination and will still be potential contenders for other awards.

To be eligible for this award, films must have earned at least $150 million at the box office. $100 million must have come from the domestic box office. Otherwise, “commensurate digital streaming viewership recognized by trusted industry sources” must be obtained. Should a film be more recently released, they are still given a fair chance if their projected box office performances suggest such an achievement. 

new golden globes categories

Oppenheimer, which has earned over $925 million, would be eligible. Image via Universal Pictures.

The second of the new categories at the Golden Globes is Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy on Television, where six nominees can be presented. Eligibility requires performances to have been in a traditional stand-up comedy of at least 30 minutes. It cannot be a role in a series or motion picture made for television. Performances will need to have taken place on a recognized media platform. They must also have first aired in the United States.

New Categories At The Golden Globes Part Of Bigger Ongoing Changes

The Golden Globes has been having a busy few years. The annual awards show, previously presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, earned significant criticism in 2021 for a lack of diversity in its members. This opened up more conversations about other issues within its ranks, including bribery and exclusion. They were left with no choice but to do some severe upheavals. One of its most recent changes came in June of 2023 when Dick Clark Productions acquired the assets and intellectual property alongside Eldridge. We won’t forget the show’s troubled past. However, the behind-the-scenes changes have shown audiences that they want the focus to return to film and television.

What do you think about the new categories added to The Golden Globes? Will you be rooting for any potential nominees this year? We might have early predictions, including plenty of Barbie wins. Mark your calendars because the 2024 Golden Globes telecast is scheduled for January 7th.

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