The Sheppard Trailer: Why You Should Be Excited For This Disney+ Short Film

Visualizing an epic tale of adventure, struggle, and hope, Disney+’s The Shepherd has everyone hooked with its new trailer. Based upon the classic novella by Frederick Forsyth, the short film will be premiering on December 1. Check out The Sheppard trailer now.

The Sheppard Trailer Is Full Of Hope

The Sheppard trailer

As revealed in The Sheppard trailer, the movie revolves around an Air Force pilot named Freddie Hooke, stranded with limited fuel and stripped of all kinds of communication. What makes the plot so intriguing is that everything happening to Freddie is occurring on Christmas Eve when he’s returning home to his family. We’ll also witness a rescue pilot who shows up at the right place at the right time. But this blessing in disguise may be something bigger.

Set on a treacherous journey, Ben Radcliffe will be featured as Freddie Hooke and will be joined by John Travolta who also serves as an executive producer for the film, who plays the rescue pilot. The rest of the cast members include Steven Mackintosh, Simon Lennon, Iwan Bond, Millie Kent, Scarlet Grace, and more.

What To Expect From This New Disney+ Short

The Shepherd has found itself in the hands of the Academy Award winner Alfonso Cuarón as its producer and is written by Iain Softley who is a long-time friend of Cuarón. This is the second association between Cuarón and Disney+ after the successful short film Le Pupille which was released last year and ended up with an Oscar nomination.

As simple as the narrative sounds, Softley says that the movie has many mysterious elements and unexpected twists. The film has also impressed the president of Disney Television who called it “beautifully crafted”, adding up to its anticipation. Overall, we believe that the venture that Disney+ has taken up with creating short films that revive this kind of filmmaking is remarkable. Guess it’s time to mark our calendars! Are you doing the same? Let us know in the comments below.

Let me know your thoughts on The Sheppard trailer below.

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