Alfonso Cuaron And Robert Downey Jr. To Make Gravity

Alfonso Cuaron, who is directing and co-wrote the script with his brother Jonas, is readying the outer space thriller, to which Robert Downey Jr. is attached. Rumor has it that Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson are vying for the chance to star in it.

AICN reports:

The movie’s plot revolves around astronauts repairing the Hubble telescope who are hit with an avalanche of satellite junk. In a plot akin to “Cast Away,” the surviving astronaut must fight her way back to Earth, where she hopes to reunite with her daughter.

I’m really interested in the film. The plot seems really intriguing; specially if the actress lead role is supposed to be the most important aspect of the film. I have no doubt that Cuaron and Downey Jr., will make a great team on this one. Now regarding the actress role, I’d give it to Johansson. She has the ability to make this dramatic role work; this could be a career defining role for her. I don’t think Lively has the chops for this; at least not yet. She still needs more experience.

What do you guys think? You interested in a Cast Away space thriller? Who would you cast to work with Downey Jr.? Scarlett or Lively?

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