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Everything You Need to Know About the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie

All anybody is talking about in the music world this weekend is Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. Swift has brought her concert experience to the big screen, meaning you don’t have to shell out hundreds to see her live. But what is this experience, anyway? It’s certainly not your regular movie – or even concert movie, for that matter. So, here is everything you need to know about the Taylor Swift The Eras Tour movie.

Everything You Need to Know About The Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie Concert Experience

everything you need to know about the taylor swift eras concert movie

We have spent months watching fans fighting over tickets for her Eras Tour. Not only did millions of fans sign up for presale, leaving plenty in the dust, but ticket-finders have been reselling them for thousands of dollars. What is more amazing is how many people still buy them at that price. Taylor Swift fans are definitely dedicated. Why all of the fuss?

The Eras Tour is artist Taylor Swift’s sixth concert tour. This marks her first tour since the Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. Since then, she has released multiple albums, including Lover, Folklore, EvermoreMidnights, and a growing list of re-releases. Before the Eras Tour announcement, fans theorized how she would tour so many new albums. Her response? A tour that gives fans all of them (except for her debut album, which is inconveniently left off of the setlist aside from the odd surprise song.)

The tour began in Glendale on March 17th and will run until November 23rd, 2024, with a final stop in Toronto, Ontario. She will play 146 shows. The show is over three hours long, with a setlist of 44 songs divided by her different eras. There are unique visuals, as each era has been conceptualized in a way that represents each album’s aesthetics. Directed by Sam Wrench, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie showcases the spectacle with some added cinematic excellence. We’ve seen concert movies before, but this feels like something else entirely. It was filmed during the six shows Swift performed at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles in August of 2023.

There Will Be Singing And Maybe Some Dancing

I, a self-proclaimed “Swifty,” went on opening night with my partner, who could only confidently name two songs. We wondered what the vibes in the theatre would be like. Would he feel out of place? Would it be filled with people dancing and singing? And would we be over-dressed in our costumes? (We re-created Swift’s iconic look from her You Belong With Me music video. He, the non-Swifty, came up with the idea.) What we found was not unlike what many fans are finding in theatres around the world: one of the most unique theatre experiences ever.

Many theatre chains, including AMC, have announced that they encourage singing and dancing in the theatres. Just like at a concert, it would be nearly impossible not to sing along to your favourite songs. You can definitely expect to hear plenty of singing throughout. Fortunately, nobody in our theatre was singing obnoxiously loud, as everybody kept their voices at a respectable level.

The only point where people danced in my showing was at the start of her Reputation era. And even then, only about 10 people near the front got up to dance. This hasn’t been the same case for other theatres. Many videos have gone viral for excited fans showing off their best moves. I would expect many theatres on opening weekend to have the odd group of dancers, though it may cool off after the biggest fans have had their chance to see it.

There Might Be Some Friendship Bracelets

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My Eras Tour friendship bracelets.

Friendship bracelets have been an interesting trend that began at early Eras Tour shows. Fans will make dozens of friendship bracelets to trade with others at the concerts. This was likely inspired by lyrics in You’re On Your Own Kid, where she sings, “So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.” The trend took off quickly. Some fans have documented themselves making hundreds of bracelets to share.

This was no different at the film showing. My partner and I ran out of time and didn’t make any bracelets. All around us we had some friendly fans who gave us a few despite us not having any to share. There were dozens of people getting up to trade bracelets with others before the film began. So, if you’re crafty, consider popping some beads together that have something to do with the tour.

Is The Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie Family Friendly?

Taylor Swift has been popular amongst fans of all ages. But since we’re talking about everything you need to know about the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie, we must touch on some more adult themes. The film is rated PG-13, which may suggest that there are some adult themes throughout. There is plenty of dancing, and the vast majority is tame.  For her song Vigilante Sh*t, Swift does get slightly more suggestive with her moves, but it is far from crude.

Plenty of Swift’s songs use curse words. The Eras Tour features the explicit version of each song, which will include some f-bombs. No song is flooded with them, as Swift remains a family-friendly performer. But if you are worried about your child hearing any curse words, you may want to wait until you can watch this one at home.

Is Anything From The Tour Missing?

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The film does a great job showing what fans saw at in-person concerts. But is anything missing? The film includes the majority of her setlist. However, some songs were cut. The Archer, No Body, No Crime, Long Live, Cardigan, and Wildest Dreams were absent from the film. Each song was likely cut for time. Given that the film is already 2 hours and 45 minutes, the missing songs would have made a difference. The film also chooses not to show any of the opening acts. This makes sense, though, given that it is a Taylor Swift movie. Anything extra would mean more songs being cut. There are also no behind-the-scenes clips from the tour. We can only hope they’ll appear in a future Taylor Swift documentary.

After Credits Scene In Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Movie

You won’t need to stick around The Eras Tour like it’s a Marvel movie. But if you do decide to stay around and finish your popcorn, you won’t get bored. Fans will be treated to a montage of clips from the concert, including plenty of bloopers. Over the course of her tour, Taylor has had many wardrobe malfunctions that are a treat to watch.

The Eras Tour Is Making Millions

Projections for the tour say it may hit the $1 billion mark in March of next year. This would make it the biggest tour ever, and she would surpass Elton John as the current record holder. The film is already having similar success. It earned $39 million on its opening day alone, making it the second biggest October opening day (close behind Joker). Projections say the movie may hit $100 million domestically in its opening weekend.

But what about the future? The biggest threat to the film’s financial success is its legs. Will it keep making millions every weekend? We suspect that mega fans will watch it at least one more time, but few casual viewers will want to sit for another viewing. And given how the biggest fans are flocking to theatres this weekend, it’s unlikely that the following weeks will see such a rush. The film is already a financial success. The budget was small, with even the highest estimates only at $20 million. So, no matter what, it’s still a hit for Swift and her team.

You Need To Know That The Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie Is Not Your Typical Film

The biggest takeaway from everything that you need to know about the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie is that it is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It combines impressive visuals, stellar performances, and moving speeches from Swift. Check out The Movie Blog’s full review here.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or only know the radio hits, you’ll walk away from The Eras Tour with a musical pep in your step. It’s stunning, entertaining, and downright impressive. Let us know your take on the concert film in the comments below!

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