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Spawn Reboot: New Update From Blumhouse CEO

Many fear-seeking fans have been waiting for new horror films to feed into the fear of the season as Halloween draws near. Blumhouse Productions has been one of the biggest production companies to introduce new horror stories. Blumhous was behind massive Horror blockbusters like The Purge, Get Out, Insidious, Black Phone, and Paranormal Activity. The CEO himself has provided an update on the Spawn reboot, the beloved anti-hero hellion who is now the company’s first foray into the comic book industry.

Spawn Reboot Still On The Schedule

Todd McFarlane

Blum confirmed to during the press junket for The Exorcist: Believer that Spawn’s 2025 release date was still possible, reiterating his earlier statements: “I stand by that. I stand by that.”

Originally, this upcoming Spawn reboot movie was envisioned as a lower-budget, horror-themed interpretation of the character. In the mid-2010s, Todd McFarlane, the creator of the Spawn character and comic book, developed an extensive script for the film and expressed his desire to direct it. Blumhouse embraced his proposal in 2017, with Jamie Foxx set to portray Spawn. However, the reboot faced numerous starts and stops due to changing market dynamics, notably exemplified by DC’s Joker, which transformed from a modest $50-70 million budget project into a billion-dollar box office success and an Oscar-winning phenomenon.

Todd McFarlane’s Creation of Spawn


Todd McFarlane, a popular Marvel Comics artist at the time, created Spawn. Despite his affiliation with Marvel, McFarlane made the decision to distance himself from the industry giant so that he could publish whatever he wanted without limitations. For Image Comics, Spawn would make his debut in 1992. It was about Al Simmons, a military assassin who struck a deal with the devil to return to his devoted wife on Earth after a brutal death. Al lost his human memories, and the devil made him become his star warrior or “hellspawn” to bring hell to Earth, going full “Ursula the Sea Witch” in most demon-deal stories. Despite being programmed to use evil’s power for good, Simmons would fight against this.

Al Simmons, the main character in the Spawn comic book series, gains superpowers through a sentient suit from the underworld. This suit makes him nearly invulnerable to earthly weapons, grants enhanced strength, speed, and stamina and enables him to use “necro powers” for abilities like flying, shooting energy beams, and teleportation. His dark energy can deplete but replenishes in darkness. Todd McFarlane, the creator, blended horror and superhero elements in a meticulously drawn, gothic-themed comic series, attracting a devoted fanbase. New Line Cinema, known for darker, R-rated comic book movies like “Blade,” took notice of Spawn’s popularity.

The Journey Of The Spawn Reboot From Film Failure To Reboot

Spawn reboot

Spawn (1997) faced significant challenges, unlike the success of Blade. Despite a strong cast, it struggled to find a consistent tone, wavering between campy horror and serious action drama. The film’s limited investment in visual effects gave it a low-budget feel, but it maintains a cult following. Despite this setback, Spawn remained a beloved character in comics and action figures, thanks to Todd McFarlane’s toy company, McFarlane Toys.

In 2017, Blumhouse acquired the rights to Spawn, with Jamie Foxx initially set to star and McFarlane as director and writer, but McFarlane left due to creative differences in March 2023. Now, with the writers’ strike resolved, Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum announced a 2025 release for Spawn, currently in active development with a new team of writers, including Scott Silver, Malcolm Spellman, and Matthew Mixon, with Jamie Foxx still attached as the lead.

According to Jason Blum, the SPAWN movie will still be released in 2025!

Are you still excited about a Spawn reboot? Let us know in the comments below.

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