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M3GAN’s Got a Sexy Cousin Coming to Town: Get Ready for SOULM8TE!

You remember M3GAN, right? That killer AI doll who turned playtime into a bloodbath? Yeah, that twisted masterpiece. Well, buckle up, because the M3GAN universe is expanding faster than your creepy uncle’s hug collection. Atomic Monster and Blumhouse just announced a spin-off flick called SOULM8TE, and let me tell you, it’s going places M3GAN could only dream of – like the bedroom.

Yep, SOULM8TE is ditching the kiddie scares for a full-blown 90s-style erotic thriller. Think “Fatal Attraction” meets “Westworld,” but with way less shoulder pads and way more malfunctioning robots (hopefully). The movie hits theaters on January 2nd, 2026, so get ready to start the new year with a healthy dose of artificial intimacy…or something like that.

At the helm of this steamy robot romance is director Kate Dolan. This ain’t her first rodeo with creepy things becayse she directed the mind-bender “You Are Not My Mother.” So, we can expect SOULM8TE to be equal parts sexy and unsettling, which is basically the perfect recipe for a cult classic.

The story? Here’s the lowdown: a heartbroken dude recently lost his wife and, well, let’s just say dating apps ain’t cutting it. Enter SOULM8TE, a fancy new AI companion designed to be your perfect partner. Sounds sweet, right? Wrong. This dude wants more than just someone to watch Netflix with. He wants a real connection, a soulmate (get it?). But in his quest for true love, he accidentally turns his cuddle bot into a deadly femme fatale. Talk about a recipe for disaster!

James Wan, the mastermind behind the “Conjuring” universe and the original M3GAN, is producing this flick alongside Jason Blum of Blumhouse. These guys know how to make horror movies that stick with you, so expect SOULM8TE to be equal parts thrilling and terrifying. Just imagine cuddling up with your “lover” only to find out they have a hidden kill switch (and by “kill switch,” we don’t mean turning off the snoring). Yikes!

While M3GAN was a box office smash, scaring up over $181 million worldwide, SOULM8TE is definitely taking a different approach. But hey, the horror genre has room for all kinds of scares, even the ones that come with a side of seduction. Besides, who doesn’t love a good robot gone bad story?

So, mark your calendars, movie fans! SOULM8TE is coming in hot (or should we say, “steamy”) on January 2nd, 2026. Just remember, when it comes to AI companions, sometimes it’s better to stick with your dog. Unless, of course, your dog has a thing for downloading malware…

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