First Look At Lady Gaga In Joker Sequel

Lady Gaga Joker Folie A Deux

Folks we are finally getting our first look at Lady Gaga in the upcoming Todd Phillips movie Joker: Folie A Deux. The actress is rumored to portray the popular DC comics character Harley Quinn in the upcoming sequel. While this specific role is unconfirmed most of the industry is assuming so and it feels like a safe bet. that being said we are all curious to see just what we’re gonna get from this version of the character. That said, director Todd Phillips shared this first look at Lady Gaga on his social media:


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Okay, this looks Toxic AF and… I’m here for it! This is exactly the kind of horrific relationship I want from these two. The relationship the characters have in other media is pretty consistent that The Joker is absolutely horrible for ol Harleen Quinzel. I can’t wait to see what kind of relationship we will see from these two through Todd Phillips’ unique lens of The Joker.

The original Joker movie is an anomaly. A solo film about Batman’s most recognized villain was a long shot but it did extremely well at the box office. I’m sure this team is hoping they can make lightning strikes twice and create another hit.

What do you think of our first look at Lady Gaga in character? What do you want from her character? should she be like the Margot Robbie version or something else?

That’s all I have for this one…



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