1920: Horrors Of The Heart — A Deadly Tale Of The Vengeful Heart

1920 Horrors of The Heart

Dear audience, you must be enjoying my action-thriller narratives which are published frequently on The Movie Blog. However, today, I am going to narrate a tale that dates back to the year 1920 and is far different from anything you have ever heard before. It is a spine-tingling tale of horror, remorse, and vengeance that comes straight from the heart.

Feel The Horror With 1920: Horrors Of The Heart!

1920: Horrors Of The Heart – The Story

In 1920, a young woman named Meghna (Avika Gor) resided with her father (Randheer Rai). It was one dreadful night that her father committed suicide by hanging himself. On that night of her father’s death, she suddenly stumbled upon his personal diary. The diary had the details of her mother Radhika and her scandalous past. At that time, India was ruled by Britishers, and the diary said that her mother, Radhika (Barkha Bisht), had illicit relationships with several British officers for her own financial gains. Meghna also learned from the diary that her mother used to dislike her father and had once poisoned him in an attempt to kill him. However, he survived miraculously.

Her mother had a guilty feeling after doing so. So, she abandoned her family and eventually married a rich man named Shantanu (Rahul Dev). After going through all these revelations in the diary, Meghna was grief-stricken. She decided to communicate with her deceased father and bring justice to his spirit. She turned to her father’s grave and communicated with his spirit. Her father’s spirit guided her, and eventually, Meghna went to her mother’s opulent mansion where she was staying with her boyfriend Shantanu.

Meghna’s mother Radhika now had a daughter named Aditi (Ketaki Kulkarni) with her boyfriend. Her father’s spirit had warned her not to let worldly affection distract her from her mission of seeking vengeance on her deceitful mother. In spite of his warnings, Meghna formed a friendly bond with Aditi. Simultaneously, Meghna’s boyfriend, Arjun (Danish Pandor), became aware of her destructive intentions toward her mother and he warned her against doing any such act that could bring harm to her. This defiance shown by Arjun angered her father’s spirit and thus, resulted in his death.

But was Arjun actually dead? Not so easily! Arjun was a black magic practitioner and Meghna’s father’s spirit could bring no harm to him. He was very much alive! Arjun then presented an earthen pot filled with ash to Meghna. He asked her to sprinkle the ashes under Aditi’s pillow. The vengeful Meghna did as she was told, and Aditi became possessed. If you have seen the movie The Exorcist, Aditi started performing similar inexplicable actions that terrified the household. The housekeeper told Radhika and Shantanu that Meghna was behind this and advised them to throw her out of the house. In spite of the advice from the housekeeper to expel Meghna, Radhika, and Shantanu kept her.

1920: Horrors Of The Heart: Presenting Avika Gor As Meghna And Danish Pandor As Arjun!

Meghna was still unaware of Arjun’s reality. Arjun now messaged her to meet him at the back of the mansion. Upon meeting him, Meghna discovered that he was not an ordinary man but a powerful sorcerer. Meanwhile, the housekeeper too had followed Meghna while she was going to meet Arjun. As the housekeeper became aware of this fact, a scuffle ensued, and the housekeeper got killed for discovering Arjun’s reality. Meghna was horrified at the sight of what a monster Arjun actually was! Fleeing from the sorcerer, she headed back to her mother’s mansion where the gardener, who was employed there, handed her another diary. This diary belonged to her mother.

1920: Horrors Of The Heart: Introducing Avika Gor as Meghna
Ketaki Kulkarni as Aditi in a still from 1920: Horrors Of The Heart

Till now Meghna was not aware of the truth. The diary of her father that she had read earlier had fake details! Upon reading her mother’s diary now, Meghna was confronted with a devastating truth. It was actually her father who was a malevolent man and he had planned on trading her mother Radhika to Britishers for gaining money and power! When her mother protested, he consumed poison all by himself just to scare her and make her obey him! Radhika was innocent and never had poisoned him. He somehow survived after consuming the poison. This revealed that Meghna’s father was a true psychopath. It was Shantanu who had saved Radhika from committing suicide, as she was about to get traded by her husband to Britishers. And after Shantanu fled with Radhika, Meghna was actually abducted by her own father who had evil plans for her. Shantanu and Radhika had tried to find her for several years and save her from her father’s clutches but they were unsuccessful in their efforts.

Another still from 1920: Horrors Of The Heart

Meghna now realized her grave mistake. She had tried to harm her well-wishers! She repented and confessed to her mother and Shantanu that she aided her father’s spirit in possessing Aditi. The family began their efforts to free Aditi from the possession. They brought a priest who revealed that Meghna’s father had a pact with her sorcerer boyfriend that his spirit would gain power in exchange for his heart after his death, enabling him to possess and kill Aditi. That was the actual motive of her father’s evil spirit. That meant Arjun was now dead and her father’s evil spirit had gained immense power by gaining possession of his heart.

To save Aditi from her father’s evil spirit, Meghna participated in Aditi’s exorcism. As part of the exorcism, she lighted a sacred lamp in the temple of Goddess Durga and committed suicide using the sharp trident of the Goddess’ idol. After she killed herself, her spirit separated from her body. A fierce fight endured between her spirit and her father’s evil spirit, and ultimately she sent him into the light of salvation where every spirit has to go. After she destroyed her father’s evil spirit by sending him into the light, the spirit of her boyfriend Arjun appeared before her and advised her to return to the living world. When Meghna regained consciousness, she found herself in a hospital bed surrounded by Radhika, Shantanu, and Aditi, who was now normal once again.

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